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The Breadcrumbs Series - Substance for Security and Significance


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The Bread Crumbs Series - Substance for Security and Significance - a daily dose of making you magnificent - is a daily consumption of soul food – The “meal” that Author C. J. Jackson has prepared for you, will leave you full and satisfied.

And well on your way to overcoming the obstacles that block your progress in everyday life. Obstacles such as the Emotional cycles cycles we all go through, and the Relational confusion, that prevents us from moving forward in our daily circumstances.

In this inspirational book,each day you will digest what author C.J. Jackson has entitled "Breadcrumbs." These breadcrumbs will not only supply nourishment for the total person, elevating your mood and circumstances, but will help for those moments of mayhem that we all eventually face.

The objective of Substance for Security and Significance is for the listener to begin to live and operate, not in some distant hypotheical universe, but where your well-being is centered, calculated and being created - right NOW!"



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Published 08 December 2020
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