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From DIY to decoration: find all the smart advice

A leisure activity or a desire to carry out your own work, DIY is a technical matter, for which it is recommended to document yourself, in order to guarantee the safety of your work. Download our DIY guides and draw original decorating ideas for your home!

Decorative ideas in shambles!

Do you want to renovate a whole room in your house, maybe even your entire home, but are out of inspiration? Glean on Youscribe practical, illustrated ideas, tips and advice to transform your home.

Many documents and decoration books will allow you to choose from hundreds of styles and guide you on how to decorate your interior yourself. You will also find advice to direct you to competent professionals.

Acquire the basics of DIY

For all DIY enthusiasts, who tinker as much with necessity as with leisure, our platform is a real toolbox! Guides, tutorials and books to download will teach them the basics of DIY, with ease.

Repaint a piece of furniture, build a shelf, better insulate your home ... Many work guides will enlighten you! You can even go further by learning how to build a wooden hut. Ideal for your children!

Parquet, windows, heating ... follow the guide!

Do you like DIY and already have experience? Would you like to tackle structural work while avoiding disasters? Youscribe offers you rich and detailed content on the main types of work.

Lay parquet, windows, carry out heating work, erect a frame, or even assemble a container house: you will find the basics to be respected and will benefit from many tips and tricks to build and renovate safely.

You like decoration, Youscribe offers you lots of information on it to download in our multiple documents, so don't hesitate! We offer everything to redecorate your homes or apartments from top to bottom. The kitchen, the bathrooms or even your bedrooms, you will find all the documentation you need thanks to Youscribe.