Betta Fish: The Ultimate Guide to Keeping Bettas


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Do you keep Betta fish or are you thinking about buying some?
Do you know how to look after them to make sure they have the best live possible?
This book will help you to make the right choices!
Betta fish are some of the most beautiful and colourful marine creatures alive. Their exquisite features and attractiveness means that they are the fish of choice for many when they are deciding on what to stock their home aquariums with. But, as with all pets, we must know how to care for them properly.
This book, Betta Fish: The Ultimate Guide to Keeping Bettas, shows you how to do that and will help you with all aspects of keeping and looking after your new Betta fish, with chapters that provide help with:
- The anatomy of Betta fish
- The history of them
- How to care for Betta fish
- Different breeds
- Colouration and designs
- And lots more…
Your experiences with your new Betta fish will be fun and will add a new dimension to your life as you learn from these amazing animals every day. And with Betta Fish to help you, it will be easy to make sure they become a happy and contented member of your family.]]>



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Published 09 March 2019
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