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Football, tennis or sports history: knowing everything about your favorite disciplines

Sports education is a real gateway to the practice of a recreational or competitive sport. This is often how a passion for a particular discipline is born. Find documents and books of great richness, to discover or deepen your knowledge in the field of sport.

The basics of sports education

Often called EPS at school (Physical and Sports Education), sports education is a discipline which contains different more or less complex aspects. It is a question of acquiring skills, physical skills and knowledge, but also of transmitting them.

Knowing the curriculum to teach is one thing, but imparting that knowledge is another. With the help of specialized books and professional testimonies, teachers and students will be able to better understand the fundamentals of this discipline.

Tennis, squash, swimming… books on all subjects

Passionate about sports or curious to discover new disciplines? Youscribe provides you with documents and books that deal with all sports: presentation, selection criteria for competitions, related articles ... Everything is detailed!

You will also find books retracing the history of sport, sport and society, learning team sports and many other themes. To put in all hands!

Focus on the sports star: football

Football is the star sport at the international level. It is one of the most sought after topics on the internet. Also, our site offers a wide variety of content: guides on football, books on football news, numbers of magazines to download or read online ...

You will also find various articles related to football, to learn all about this popular sport. Also publish your articles to enrich our database!