Martial Arts: The Complete Encyclopedia Of Martial Arts


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Are you interested in taking up a martial art?Do you wonder which one would be best for you?This book will help you to decide!Martial arts have been around for thousands of years and have always captured the imagination of people, especially since the advent of film when they could be brought to a wider audience who would marvel at the almost unstoppable power of the hero. But is it for you and is there something suitable for any age?In this book, Martial Arts: The Complete Encyclopaedia of Martial Arts, you can discover a wide range of martial arts that exist with chapters on:- Kung fu- Aikido- Brazilian jiu-jitsu- The basics of judo- Ninjutsu- Tai chi- Wing chun- The best martial arts for childrenAnd more…Ranging from the powerful and energetic kung fu and judo, through to more gentler arts like tai chi, this book has something for everyone and a style that will suit any age and ability.You are never too old or too young to start a martial art. And this book will help you decide the right one for you.



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Published 22 January 2019
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