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Eager for novels of all kinds, short stories full of twists or even lyric singing poetry? The literature theme   includes all those books and writings that will make you burst into tears, tremble with fear, or laugh out loud! From  classic to science fiction , take advantage of literary genres that have spanned the centuries or rediscover others, much younger, but just as exciting.

Literature, but what is it?

A word of Latin origin, litteratura , which comes from the term letter, literature therefore appeared in France in the 12th century with the primary meaning of "thing written". More precisely, the first attestation of the term would be in 1121. However, the term does not yet mean the same thing as today.

It will be necessary to wait several centuries so that the term still changes meaning, "literature" will therefore mean the knowledge obtained from books , especially from the 15th to the 17th century. In fact, we can say at that time "have literature" as we say today "have culture".

From the reign of the Sun King and especially during the 18th century, this term took on another meaning, that of belles-lettres. Indeed, Louis XIV having widely promoted culture and especially ancient literature  for theater and poetry, it needed a word to define this type of work. During the 18th century, it will therefore have as definition the writings recognized by the people of high society. We therefore see the appearance of many literary salons that will highlight this type of worldly culture.

The definition is gradually approaching the current meaning of the word literature, however there are many more rules than today. The evolution will continue between the end of the 18th century and the beginning of the 19th. It is therefore around 1800 that the modern sense appears, literature therefore becomes a term which has an aesthetic quality that can be discussed. Then during the twentieth century, it will also extend to all writings even those who are not learned, such as science fiction, adventure, thrillers or even the fantastic. It is the birth of popular literature which today largely dominates sales.

One of the great peculiarities of the art of aesthetic writing is its great diversity . There are, in fact, a multitude of genres, but also styles, currents or literary movements . Through times and places, but also through currents of thought and aesthetics, literature has evolved and changed form to offer us a cultural heritage that you can find on YouScribe.

The pleasure of getting away…

The literary works are now considered an art . By reading works of beautiful letters, you will be able to dream a little, change your daily life by escaping. YouScribe is therefore the ideal solution for discovering texts of this type. Whatever kind of literature you want to read, you've come to the right place. In addition, you can enjoy our books directly online through streaming or on our reading application for Android or ISO .

Discover now the different genres of literature accessible through YouScribe. From the Fables de la Fontaine, to Baudelaire, via Balzac where Molière, all the classic authors meet on this site. Of course, our site does not only have classic books, but all French or foreign literature such as thrillers, science fiction, romantic literature ... Each reader will find something to feed their ideal digital library, at low cost. Easily accessible,  online literature  is a great opportunity to satisfy your thirst for reading.

The novels

Whether classic or popular, whether it's science fiction or a police investigation, the novel is the most popular genre of literary art of our time. You will therefore have access on YouScribe to an immense quantity of works, so as many profiteers!

The news

Much shorter than the novel, the short story is also most of the time a fiction type text, short, but incisive and full of twists and turns. They can be classic, but also police or adventure, so discover them with YouScribe.

Graphic literature

Even if for a long time this literary genre was not considered in the best way, graphic literature (comics, comics and manga) has managed to obtain its letters of nobility for several decades.


As both a performing and literary art, theater is a very special genre, but also one of the most important. Certain playwrights, like Molière or Shakespeare, have also left their mark on literature.


Without doubt the first artistic texts were poems . The particularity of the poems is the musicality, the rhythm and the meaning given to the words.


Above all an oral genre, the tale is normally a story that often tells stories of an adventure type. The great storytellers will be Charles Perrault, the Grimm brothers and Christian Andersen.


Literary texts which tell the life of a man or his near life (autobiography), the biographies are a relatively important kind which makes it possible to discover the History of an era.

The testimonies

The testimony literary genre is a very special and rather new. It will indeed be a text that presents an often painful experience of a lifetime. Most of the testimonies often speak of wars like that of Primo Levi .


A writing which highlights the author's opinion on a particular subject, one of the first essays is signed Michel de Montaigne with his eponymous book, quite simply called Les Essais .

Everything to make this art a passion

Children and adolescents often see reading as a compulsory schooling and not a pleasant time. To change their minds, you will find on our digital bookstore many e-books to read from our site, on all your supports.

Children's books, novels, thrillers or even science fiction can be your assets to make appreciate literature to those who flee it. Offer them a catalog of choice for only € 9.90 / month  thanks to our  subscription to books .

For all enthusiasts, YouScribe is also an opportunity to discover this art in more detail, to deepen this knowledge or even to follow literary news with major novelties or fairs.

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