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The classic literature is a very important literary movement which is derived from classical and born around the beginning of the XVII th and ends in the first half of the XVIII th . It was at this time that the great works of classical literary appeared . However, and although the classicism ends during the XVIII th century, the term classical literature or classic books is widely used for newer or older works.

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You will therefore be able to download and read the essential classic books that will perfect your literary culture. The latter are often on the programs of books to read for primary, middle school or high school students.

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Classic literature, but not only ...

If you are looking for something other than classic literature, Youscribe can also offer you many other reading choices. Historical novels , thrillers, fantaisy, theater or poems  also have their themes.

If you do not have the courage to read your book (classic or not), you will find on this page a wide choice of book summaries and reading cards.