Lesbian: Seducing the Tomboy


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It was an insanely busy day at the lingerie shop. The kind that made Taylor consider quitting. First, she had to deal with an annoying customer who took forever to decide on a color of the bustier she wanted, then it was a rush of customers who came in seconds before closing. “I need something in hot pink that makes my hips look slimmer,” one customer demanded. Another said, “This teddy you sold me makes my butt look big.” A third customer loudly chimed in, “Do you have anything that will make me look like Jennifer Lawrence?” In the middle of the mad rush, the phone rang. “Sandy’s Sweet Shop, can I help you?” she answered. “Yes, you can help me,” the man answered. “You can hurry up. I’ve been waiting five minutes for you outside.” It was Brad, Taylor’s fiancé. His impatient groan was the last thing she needed in the middle of crazy day. “Sorry, honey. I got a rush just before closing. It could take five or maybe ten minutes for me to finish.” He sighed. “Fine. I just hope dinner at my parents’ house hasn’t gotten cold.” “I’m sure it’ll be fine, I just-"



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Published 01 January 2018
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