Lesbian: Summer Time Lust


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Something about summertime always made Tami horny. Even as a teenager, she loved having the hot weather as an excuse to wear provocative clothing. Low cut blouses, short miniskirts, bare feet. These were her summertime uniform.Preparing for her date with Tim, she considered that they'd be outside on the restaurant's patio with the temperature soaring near ninety. A perfect opportunity to dust off her cut-off jeans and skimpy blouse. She could already picture Tim's dark blue eyes being drawn to her ample boobs. Being a tease was always fun.Sh'd never met Tim, but she had a good feeling about him. On his MNHookups dating profile, he mentioned being a lawyer with an interest in outdoorsy activities: Canoeing, camping, fishing. Having lived in the country until the age of twelve, she couldn't imagine a nicer match. His handsome lean face didn't hurt either. Online dating could be a frustrating mess, but Tami had a good feeling about Tim...WARNING: THIS CONTENT IS INTENDED FOR MATURE AUDIENCES. 18 AND OLDER ONLY



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Published 01 January 2018
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