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Mommy’s Always Here


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An MDLG and ABDL themed love story for the age play fetishist.

Please note: This book contains content only appropriate for individuals interested in the MDLG subgroup of BDSM. It includes kink related themes, psychological power-play both sexual and non-sexual, sub training in diaper wetting, punishment by bondage, spankings, butt plug, and genital teasing.

The story is a work of fiction, and although based on multiple personal experiences, Tina Moore does not assume to speak for the entire community. She also believes that the kink is as broad and diverse as the consenting adults who engage in it, and thus there is not a ‘correct’ way to be a consenting adult involved in age play and/or regression.

Tina Moore would like to thank all her loyal, supportive, and loving fans. She wishes you every happiness and success and hopes that you stay safe, calm, and healthy.

Leila knew that life could be better, but she had no idea it could be this good! With her 20year high school reunion looming, Leila discovers the power of personal reflection and evolving into the person she wishes to become. As her younger Mommy trains her, Leila enjoys the freedom to be herself, to learn what real love feels like and how to finally be at peace with who she is as a person, a little and a woman.

If you are looking for a loving and romantic MDLG story…

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Published 07 December 2020
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