Seduced by the Shadow - A hypnotic erotica MMF fantasy


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A supernatural, menage experiential erotic audio story
The forest has always held such a dark attraction for you, a place of so many fantasies, of so many desires.
A place you can escape from the outside world.
You've heard the stories - the innocence that is lost in this place.
You know the tales and warnings of what might befall a lady in the forest after dark.
Somewhere deep in this place, you know there lies the secret to your sensual self. A desire, a fantasy, a lust, to bring to life.
And as you reach the center of the forest, as you discover that secret place. Surrounded by the shadows of the night.
What dark desires might lay beyond the edge of the light?
*Please be aware that Tracks 04 and 05 contain the same content, however, Track 04 does not have binaural beats and Track 05 does. ]]>



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Published 12 April 2019
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