JACOB: The Monroe Legacy Begins (The Monroe Family Series) (Volume 1)


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How does a man - in the face of adversity and loss - drive forward powerful actions that carve the future for himself, his family, and his country?

Jacob Monroe lives during the infant stages of our Republic. Without the benefit of hindsight to see the power of his actions and the repercussions of his journey ahead, he starts out as an innocent bystander. He hopes to be a part of something bigger than even his own expansive imaginings. As he forges his way through twists and turns, he follows the path set up by our founding fathers. Jacob develops his fortitude through his many challenges and heartaches of loss, but he is true to his desire of making a name for himself. His name will not only align with the foundation of his country, but will stand for something much larger. Jacob will be the beginning of the Monroe legacy. Many will follow him. All will strive to capture what this great patriarch stood for...Faith, Family and Country.]]>



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Published 24 March 2019
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