The Good Enough Husband


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I should have told Ben about Michael. I should never have told Michael about Ben… One day I was watching one of my aunties battle cancer. She was older, never married—alone. That day I decided I never wanted to be like her. So I looked around and there was Michael. He worked on Wall Street. He was available. Most of all, he was into me. I let him catch me, then I made the biggest mistake of my life: I married a guy I didn’t love. Maybe if I’d loved him, we’d have connected in bed and I wouldn’t have woken in the mornings feeling exploited. Maybe if I’d loved him, our infertility would have been manageable. But I didn’t love him, not like I should have. So I left. I needed to have some time alone to think. I never thought I’d meet someone. I never thought a guy like Ben would come into my life. But he did, and I want with him all the things I should have wanted with Michael. Ben is my future. Unfortunately, Michael won’t stay in my past…



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Published 05 February 2014
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