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Among the vast choice of literary genre that exist, the  novels are among the most important and most widely read genres. You will be able to discover in this theme, a wide choice of online books of the novel type and dive directly into this fictional literature. All this is free with some of the books which are free, either by subscribing or by paying for each book. So are you ready to discover the novels and also the news?

What is the novel?

The novel is above all a literary genre with a fictional narration . They are generally quite long works, even if they can exist in short form. There is therefore a very important place that is given to imagination and fiction in its different stories, with a story made of intrigue, twists and turns.

The story and origin of the novel are relatively complicated. You should still know that modern writings were inspired by Greek novels , but also those chivalrous . But the peculiarity of these literary works is that they take their names from the language in which they were written. Indeed, a novel was in the Middle Ages a literary writing in the Romance language (langue d'oïl or langue d'oc) which mostly took the form of a song of gesture or lyric poetry.

Little by little the texts will be done in prose, which was rare at the time and we can see the birth of the modern novel with Chrétien de Troyes, Rabelais or Cervantès. Then appears the days of the Baroque novel, then in the XVIII th century is the real development of this kind of story first in England, then in France and Germany.

Today, the novel is the best-selling and most written literary tale in the world. It is so popular that it has become something of a synonym for literature for many people.

A multitude of genres

With its impressive development in the XVIII e XIX th and especially in the XX th century, there is no longer a type of novel, but many. Indeed, between popular and more classic stories, readers have a choice and each taste can be satisfied. YouScribe offers of course a very wide choice of different genres to read online…


You have a sense of investigation, the detective's scent, so detective novels can only fascinate you. Sometimes black, often bloody or full of suspense, it is one of the most important genres of novels.

Romantic novels

Love and her passion never hurt, so discover now the sentimental tales that are also called love romance . It's history, often feminine is part of popular literature and its today particularly appreciated by the readership.

Erotic novels

For those who love passionate and sensual stories, then erotic novels are what you need. Indeed, these adult stories are highly appreciated by readers. To read often alone, we let you browse our naughty book catalog.

Historical literature

This kind of works will be addressed above all to those passionate about great History, those who want to travel in time and in space, to return as well during Antiquity, the Middle Ages, the Renaissance or the beginning of the XXth century. If you too like this kind of book, just read our historical novels .

Fantasy literature

A world where magic and imaginary creatures almost reign supreme, fantasy novels are also true epic stories, often with a battle between good and evil. However, there is not one, but a multitude of sub-genres of fantasy.

Science fiction novels

Do you like science and new technologies? Do you want to travel in space or in time? So you only have to read our SF or anticipation novels , one of the major genres of fantasy fiction ...

The fantastic books

Do you like supernatural, fear and anguish? So discover in this part everything you need to know about fantasy novels and the subgenres related to them, that is to say horror and Gothic.

Adventure literature

Do you want to discover an unknown land? Going on an adventure? To travel to unknown countries? Discovering missing people and animals? Then discover our different adventure novels ..

The epistolary novels

A very special genre of literature, find out everything you need to know about the epistolary novel in the page dedicated to it.

How to write a novel

Do you have a writer's soul and want to create your own work of literature? So find out now everything you need to know to write a novel with the different steps to follow and lots of advice.

Read without moderation

If you appreciate narrative and fictional literature, then of course novels will be your type of reading. Browse our entire rich and varied catalog which will make you discover both popular books and other classics. Most of the great authors have written novels, so you can also find their works directly online on our site.

Another advantage of YouScribe is that if you appreciate this type of literature, then you can easily find free works by authors still little known or great glories of this art, but therefore the work has fallen into the field public. For other books, we offer you either to take advantage of them through our subscription offer, or to buy only the books that suit you. And don't forget that all of our novels are in digital version and available online!

Go further

Discover other great literary genres, as well as other subjects on literature:

You want to write a book, then you will find in this thematic everything you need to know about literary creation. Youscribe does offer a wide selection of documents that will give you lots of advice on literature and the best way to write a book.

Become a writer

While many people think it is simple to create a book, you will find publications that will prove you wrong. Indeed, our advice on writing a book or on literary will show you that it is not only necessary to know how to write well to write a book. You will also have to have a story to tell or a script already built.

These documents will help you a lot for your own literary creation. You will find all the advice you need in our various guides and tutorials on the subject.

Full of literary creation

You will also find in this thematic dedicated to literary creations and advice for writing a book, some writings by young authors who get started in literature. It is therefore an opportunity to discover other books and other authors through our thematic literary creation.