Sarah, Furry-Purple & Friends. The Moon Adventure


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Ages 3-10)Sarah has a special gift. She can dream about anything she wanted at night. All she had to do was think about it before falling asleep. Her favorite dream was to play on the moon. While there, she encounters three very different creatures.Furry-Purple has a problem he asks her to help with. Another character named Grump-O-Lux, although scary in appearance, comes to the rescue after Sarah and Furry-Purple free him from red licorice. And Miss Witch helps guide them through the dark Forest of Wonder by giving them carrots to eat to help their eyes become strong enough to see. Sarah, Furry-Purple & Friends helps children to understand the meaning of "Don't Judge A Book By It's Cover". Just because someone's appearance looks different, doesn't mean that that person is not kind and friendly in nature.This story also lightly demonstrates a new meaning to "Yucky Vegetables" with carrots having magical properties by helping children to see in the dark.



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Published 01 January 2018
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