Mask Weavers for Hire
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Mask Weavers for Hire


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Money, power, greed, and love become weaved fibers of the mask they wear. A professor has researched beyond climate change to atmospheric control. His work is hidden on a microchip. The recovery game is a spider web of networking, intertwining the innocent and the hunters. A psychiatrist, attorney, government agent, and child genius find themselves on the center stage. The players emerge out from behind their masks into the collision of deception and suspense.


"You know Connors, I think we all wear masks. What happens to us in life becomes the thread we weave into our masks. The fibers of our soul we show to others."

"Jackson is a skilled writer, able to plumb inner turmoil with the same degree of intensity that she exhibits when building suspenseful moments."
- Joe Kilgore, The US Review of Books

"With this engaging thriller, author Jackson does more than simply spin a vibrant whodun-it.”
"Realistic dialogue snaps with the ring of truth."

"…this is a smart addition to the thriller genre that will have readers thoroughly engaged in their attempts to find out just who really are the Mask Weavers For Hire."

- Jake Bishop, Pacific Book Review

"Author Patricia C. Jackson has crafted an intriguing suspense novel with romance, action, espionage, and mystery at every turn."
"...Jackson pulls quite a few surprises that land at just the right time in the plot. I was also impressed with the dialogue, which really moved the exposition forward and characterized the wide cast very well. Overall, I would highly recommend Mask Weavers For Hire to any reader seeking a character-driven mystery with plenty of thrills throughout."
- Reviewed by K.C. Finn from Readers' Favorite

"In general, Mask Weavers For Hire felt real and compelling…"

"Patricia C. Jackson has a way with words; she describes her characters and scenes with beautiful metaphors and poetic lines that had me craving more: "Ashes, cinders glowing red-hot would lay at the door of my soul…"

- Reviewed by Foluso Falaye from Readers' Favorite

"Amazing scene setting, rising tensions, and lled with the great atmosphere, a reader will be drawn into Patricia C. Jackson's world and on more than one occasion be forced to wait with bated breath to see what unfolds."

"Gripping, entertaining, with a good solid character base. Questions, discovery, and mystery will keep you hooked from cover to cover."

- Reviewed by K.J. Simmill from Readers' Favorite

"The author’s style is relaxed and readable with the action moving at a fast clip that makes the reader constantly turn the page to nd what happens next to their character. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and can highly recommend it."
- Reviewed by Grant Leishman from Readers' Favorite



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