Halloween Classics; The Old Grey Goose; Stories of Mystery and Terror


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"Goose was an exceptionally kind, open, honest and understanding gentleman of the finest caliber. His natural charisma and charm is well known. At the Saturday night campfires in the woods he was a magical performer, pretending to play a banjo with an old tennis racket wearing a white pith helmet with a painted red band which had definitely seeing better days. He told wonderfully engrossing stores, some of them scary - but not too much. We all sang camp songs together, which I still remember word for word. Goose was universally loved and deeply respected by everyone, parents and campers alike.
Twenty years later I would see Goose in Lockport riding his old bicycle around town. He was a devout Christian Scientist in the very best and purest sense. He told me he read the Bible out loud in his room for two hours every day. He lived at the Y for God knows how many years. There were to be many more adventures between Goose and I in later years, including our travels together in India in 1993 with my young daughter Avalon and awkward nephew, Robin.
Goose would remain an important figure in my life when, years later, he became one of the premier artists on my fledgling label Samba Records wherein we recorded many original very popular CDs, now audiobooks, of his wonderful children’s stories and songs. Almost thirty years later they still sell well online. " -GEOFFREY GIULIANO-
Musical consultant Alex Franchi in Milan
Production executive Avalon Giuliano in London
ICON Intern Eden Giuliano in Delhi
Music By AudioNautiX]]>



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Published 07 May 2020
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