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How do you stop: A pathogen designed with artificial intelligence ... engineered to wipe out minorities ... about to erupt into a pandemic ... When you don't know where, when or why? Jaceks a courageous man - and the last hope to save his sister, who wilts away from an untreatable disease. The doctors say she's incurable He must find a cure. Jacek combines Artificial Intelligence with the gene-editing technique, CRISPR CAS 9, to stop the disease from killing her. Now with a cure in sight, funding cuts threaten to eliminate his work. Love doesn't buy more time An alt-right research assistant will protect his country at all costs. He refuses to stand by any longer while minorities take jobs and destroy America. He has the final solution - racial extermination. Once completing his secret work, America will get reduced to the one true race. Save one or save many Now Jacek must choose - crack the genetic code to save his sister or stop a bio-terrorist genocide? Note: The book does not wrap up the major plotline, but does resolve some subplots. Book does end with a cliffhanger. What do you get when you mix best sellers like the realistic science of Andromeda Strain by Michael Crichton, the near future of The Atlantis Gene by A.G. Riddle, and the terrorism of Transfer of Power



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Published 01 January 2018
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