Shifter Romance: Hands Up, Pants Down (Bear Shapeshifter Police Romance)


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WARNING - 18+ Audiences Only: This book contains several sizzlin' hot romance scenes. It is not advised to operate machinery while listening!
Jen is anxious about the police force getting new recruits. Although new blood is definitely needed in Denver's war on crime, she isn't sure she can trust the new people if things go wrong. Brad, the new join that's been paired with her, seems all right. It isn't until she is shot that Jen can really tell; but along with proving himself Brad turns out to be more than he seems. Much more. And Jen has never felt more challenged or turned on.
Are you ready to try something a little more "aggressive" than you're used to? Don't worry, I won't tell a soul. ;-) Buy your copy today!]]>



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Published 22 March 2019
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