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Slick Glickman and the Curse of the Wicked Witch


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Charles “Slick” Glickman thought the eighth grade would be a
rather uneventful year, focused on being the starting running back for
the Glickville Buffaloes and the student council president. Little did
he know what he was in for.

Moving the kidnapping trial of his nemesis, Jeanette Johnson,
from Dallas to Phoenix was a shock. But to find out the trial could
possibly cause him to lose his starting position on the football team
was a severe blow. Then to have to be the star witness against the
woman who had made his life miserable during his seventh-grade
year, with all the publicity attached to it, was even more devastating.
After enduring the grueling trial, Jeanette Johnson puts a curse on
him at the sentencing and vows to get him if it’s the last thing she
ever does.

Being a lady of her word, she once again makes his life miserable
by escaping from prison and taking him to the deepest rain forests of
Brazil. His fear of never seeing his parents or Glickville again becomes
a stark reality.

Filled with mystery, adventure, humor, and unexpected twists and
turns, this is a story you will not want to miss.



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Published 14 October 2010
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