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Travel has always made men dream. Indeed, discovering new countries, meeting new peoples, opening up to new cultures was and is often appreciated. To talk about these trips ( full of travel documents ), there are two literary genres: travel accounts (or travel reports ) and travel diaries . Youscribe allows you to take advantage of a few dozen works on travel literature .

The travelogue

The story is therefore one of the literary genres interested in travel. In this type of work, the author will give an account of travel, of what he felt, but also of the peoples encountered or of what he saw. The travelogue is not a novel, which means that its content is mostly real and not fictional. There are, however, some imaginary travel accounts .

As the travelogue can be written by everyone, it is necessary to meet certain criteria to be considered a literary travel relationship . This consists of having a structured narration and above all that the text is not a simple sequence of dates and stages. By reading a travelogue, one should be able to see the adventure or the exploration of these distant countries .

As the first travel accounts appeared during the Middle Ages and they developed a lot with the Great Discoveries, they are a real historical source . Indeed, they will help to better understand the history of a region at a given time, its culture, etc.
Youscribe therefore provides you with several travel stories that you can read online or download to take it where you want.

The travel diary

Another literary (and also plastic) genre that speaks of travel, the travel diary will evoke travel in a broader sense than does the travel account . Indeed, a travel diary also speaks of the interior journey or initiatory journey and therefore not only of the real journey (or exploration). Another big difference between the notebook and the travelogue is that the first is much less linear than the second type of work.

The travel diary has a particular form which requires a particular reading of the work. Indeed, there are often sketches, drawings or photos that complete the notebook.

Just like with travel relations, you will find on our Youscribe platform, a wide choice of travel diaries to download directly online . So take advantage and browse our different books.