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Do you like puzzles or surveys? Fan of big chills? Fascinated by the police and the security forces  ? The police novels are therefore made for you. Among the most popular genres of narrative and novels , thrillers are often appreciated by readers in search of action, suspense and deduction.

So if you too like good thrillers and want to find out more about this kind of literature, you've come to the right place! 

What is a detective novel?

The detective story also known by the names of  thriller  or more rarely rompol , is therefore a very particular type of literature and more particularly of novels which is, let us remember, a fairly long fictional narration. Its police form therefore has as its main subject an investigation or investigation by the police or private detectives whose objective is to solve a plot, an enigma or a crime. Often there is action in these kinds of books, but not always.

But is it so simple to define this category of literature? Are there enough lines to know what we will have before our reader? Of course not and that's what you'll find out below…

A type ? Not many!

At first glance, the definition of the detective book could therefore seem quite simple, but it gets complicated when we go into detail, because it does not have a single genre of detective novels , but in fact a multitude with thrillers, spy novels, black thrillers, whodunits, historical detective novels and many more. Sometimes the differences are quite large between these different types.

The different elements that make the rompol

To make a good detective book, it is necessary to have several elements which are:

  • Crime or misdemeanor: most often murder, but sometimes an act of terrorism, kidnapping, espionage, rape, act of torture, etc.

  • Mobile: what are the reasons for the crime?

  • The culprit (s)

  • The victim (s)

  • The modus operandi of the crime

  • The investigation and therefore the investigator (or the inspector) who can be part of the police (police, gendarmerie, FBI, etc.) or is a private (detective or investigative journalist).

When a novel contains all or at least the majority of these elements, it is considered to be a work of detective literature.

His history

Late literature genre, novels police appear only to the XIX th century in the West. However, there is a book in ancient China of the detective novel type that was written in the XVIII th century and called  Dee Goong An. The latter had no influence on European literature.

Determining which is the first detective book in Europe is not necessarily easy, some say that it is  Emma by Jane Austen (1815), others by  The Murders in the Tue Morgue , by Edgar Poe (1841 ) or  Das Fräulein von Scuderi  by Ernst Theodor Amadeus Hoffmann (1819). After the second half of this century, this type of literature developed strongly with the appearance of big names in the thriller like  Sherlock Holmes  by Conan Doyle or  Arsène Lupine  by Maurice Leblanc .

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Other genres of novels

In addition to the detective literature and the investigations carried out there, there are many other major categories of literature such as: