Boris and the Rising Sun Hotel


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Boris lives in the KEEPER OF SECRETS universe.Susan encounters him in the first book of the series and in SECRETS KEPT we get to know a bit more about him.He is always there when Susan meets with â??Backdoor Barryâ??, silently doing his job. Sometimes lipreading the mute old TV set, sometimes tending to his bartender duties. A quiet observer of everything that goes on at the Rising Sun Hotel.When I finished the second book in this series, I couldnâ??t help wondering what was happening in Borisâ?? life when we were not around. Has he been a part of Barryâ??s adventures? Was he around when that chair acquired its famous bullet hole? Does he have a romantic interest?As you can see, these questions needed to be answered.Boris is more than just a bit part player in Susan Smithâ??s adventurous life â?" Boris has a life of his own.



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Published 17 December 2018
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