You Must Remember This


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Sam loves Scarlett, or at least that is what everyone keeps telling him.
After the bloke in the stolen car slammed into Sam at a Tee intersection, everything changed.
A head injury, a stay in hospital followed by a stint in rehab and Sam is no closer to regaining all his memories.
His distant past is clearer than his recent present, and Scarlett belongs to now.
Can Sam fall in love with Scarlett — all over again?
And what of the bloke who ‘hit and ran’?
Will Inspector Blank work it all out, or will Sam have to be his own detective?
For many months, while Sam works on his recovery, there will be numerous tram journeys and frequent visits to Dr Doug, the therapist chosen by Scarlett to help to bring her Sam back to her.
Who is the bloke in the brown shoes and why do Sam and Scarlett decide that blackberry jam is a good way to put closure to their uncomfortable adventure?
Sam Bennett faces his biggest challenge to date — finding his Scarlett.]]>



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Published 14 March 2019
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