Business start-ups

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Starting a business is a dream for many of us. Indeed, creating your box will allow you to be the only one to make decisions, do what you are passionate about, take responsibility, etc. Are you wondering how to start a business?

As it is never easy, Youscribe puts practical supports online to set up your business and develop with confidence. You will therefore have access to a wide choice of documents and guides that will allow you to launch your activity and follow the right steps to start a business

Business creation: the keys to get started!

Finding a promising idea, carrying out a first market study , knowing how to position yourself in front of the competition ... before starting your business, this is a whole set of strategic questions to which the future entrepreneur must answer. It will therefore be necessary to create a business plan , which brings together in a document all the information that will help you to create a business .

To allow you to advance in your research, Youscribe puts online analyzes and advice from which you can largely draw inspiration. By consulting these practical guides with the various stages in the creation of business, it will be easier for you to constitute an effective business plan.

If you are creating a start-up ( see our page ), then you will also find many keys to launch your business, to finance your future structure, etc. You will therefore find many documents in PDF version which will allow you to know everything about start-ups or even business incubators .

Create a business and develop its activity

After the launch phase, you will certainly need advice to develop your sales, better target your offer or even export. One goal: you develop and achieve your goals.

Thanks to cutting-edge articles by specialists in business creation , you will be able to find answers to your questions quickly and efficiently. You will thus refine your strategic choices, such as the financing of your development (with our ebooks and documents on finance ) or the recruitment of collaborators.

As mounting your box causes lots of tax, legal or accounting obligations, it may be interesting for you to book our various legal documents, to contact a lawyer who can help you with the procedures or to learn the principles of accounting ( here ).

Become self-employed

In addition to the classic forms of business such as Sole Proprietorships , SARLs, EURL, SAS or SA, there is also a status for very small structures, that of self-entrepreneur . In recent years, almost a million people have launched their business as a self-employed entrepreneur. This special status allows you to start your own business with advantageous conditions, especially from a tax point of view.

If you are wondering how to assemble your box as a self-employed entrepreneur ? What are the formalities to be completed to become an entrepreneur? What are the criteria? How to calculate the amount of charges? How to benefit from ACCRE? What are the latest developments in the statute? You will find out by consulting the various help documents for setting up a business , which can be downloaded free of charge or for a fee.