Living Outrageously


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STOP LIVING A BORING LIFE AND START LIVING OUTRAGEOUSLYAre you staring down the barrel of a job (or life path) that you know is going to suck?When was the last time you felt fully alive and invigorated, enthusiastic about life?If the sloth of mediocrity is infecting your life, you need this book.From the jail of the lawyer cubicle, to the freedom of a location independent entrepreneur, for the first time ever, Dave reveals how:-To quit the job you hate, and fly to Texas on 4 days notice to set a world record for eating chocolate biscuits while crowd-surfing.-To shed society’s expectations, and go find your outrageous path; even if no one around you understands.-To never stop exploring, and find out what you are capable of; in whatever pursuit that stirs your soul.-To be a high-achiever, crush your goals AND experience all the peace, beauty and fulfillment of being a human “beingâ€_x009d_ on this planet.-To heal the past, let go of limiting stories and step forward into a bright, fun, exciting future.Revealing insights and distinctions at every turn, Dave’s hilarious story-telling style will entertain and inspire you to bring more outrageous into your life. Read this book, and become the Samurai of your own life.



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Published 26 September 2017
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