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You are a law student, a legal professional or you have to deal with justice, then you undoubtedly need documents which deal with law and justice . Our Youscribe platform therefore offers you a wide choice of publications related to this theme to help and advise you.

Legal advice for professionals and individuals

How to better understand European laws? Which court should I contact in the event of a dispute? You will find answers to these questions and to everything related to the field of law in this section.

To help you, many publications on the law are available for consultation and download directly on this page. Among them, there are legal documents (such as legal texts), court judgments, court decisions, legal documents from the Official Journal, legal guides , etc.

These legal documents will therefore be very useful to you, especially if you need help with law or justice. So download them!

Advice in the event of legal action

What to do in case of litigation ? Who to turn to and what strategy to adopt? In the corporate world or for an individual, recourse to legal aid is sometimes inevitable. Before soliciting a lawyer, you can therefore consult our various legal and legal documents to help and advise you. If, on the other hand, these are not enough, it will undoubtedly be necessary to contact a lawyer .

On Youscribe, the procedures to be followed are decrypted for you and you will have access to detailed and detailed legal documentation. By consulting our practical legal guides , you will also find interesting ways to resolve conflicts more easily.

Law publications

Need to consult the latest decrees, decrees or laws in a specific area? You will find on YouScribe official and detailed articles texts on criminal law , the administrative law or other more specific as the right of banks and insurance companies ( here ) or the law of intellectual property . Legal specialists share their knowledge and analysis with you in very good legal documents .

It is also an opportunity to come back to ancestral laws, the different codes of law that have upset and still upset our daily lives, but also about the most burning legal news. Trial reports are also available for free or paid download.

With Youscribe and its thousands of legal documents, you will no longer have problems with the law.