Dominating Social Media - a social media guru's domination blueprint


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Dominate Social Media. Would you like to? Would you like to be able to post to all the relevant platforms and be showered with likes, retweets, comments , conversions, and click throughs?
Silly question I know. Every online entrepeneur wants to be the "Big Man on Campus" as far as Social Media is concerned. Don't they?
But achieving that valued position is not, as you've probably experienced, not a walk in the park.
What's essential to realize is that just being present on Social Media isn't enough. By a long shot.
To turn social media likes and shares into cash, you need to be providing value. In the form of original and highly relevant curated content. On a regular basis.
The form that content takes - whether it's text posts, audio, video, or infographics isn't important.
What IS immportant - is that the topic and relevance of the content matches the best content form for each Social Media Platform.
That is the first, and most important step to Dominating Social Media.
In his previous books, Social Media Consultant Maximus Pierce opened his personal rolodex of tips, techniques and strategies to give you an unfair Social Media Marketing advantage.
In this book, he takes those techniques to the next level. By defining what it really takes to successfully Dominate Social Media.]]>



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Published 03 April 2019
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