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Build a responsive list! Write emails that convert! Establish credibility and trust!
Discover How To Successfully Build A Responsive List, Write Emails That Convert And Establish Credibility & Trust With Your Subscribers!
You're not in business if you aren't building a list. Whether you're selling information products or widgets, you should be building a list of subscribers.
It's been said that each subscribers is worth $X amount, and that could be $1 per subscriber. So if you have 100 subscribers, you should be making about $100 /month.
Of course, this is a general example but you get the idea. And the old cliche goes 'The money's in the list', and it's still true as of today.
You see, building a list is one thing, but creating a captivating landing page and writing email copy that gets action takers is another topic all together.
Inside this guide, you'll discover:
* How to write and design a compelling landing page that converts visitors into subscribers.
* Which autoresponder service should you use? I've reviewed 4 top autoresponders and give you the verdict.
* 7 ways get visitors to your opt in page so you can start building your list.
* 7 ways to write damn good email copy that your subscribers will take action on -- whether you're promoting a product or sending a newsletter, you'll * * like these techniques.
* How to use urgency in your email copy to get people to take action.
* Should you use long or short copy? Which converts better?
* How often should you email your list? Once a month? Once a week? Once a day? I'll share with you what you should go with.
* What to avoid when sending emails to your list.
* Should you broadcast your messages or use the autoresponder?
* How to write a clear call-to-action that gets people clicking your links in your emails.
* And much, much more!
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Published 25 May 2019
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