Social Animals


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Social Animals. Engage. Convert. Sell. Does that describe you? Are you the hungry social media animal that takes no prisoners? The one that eats up the competition? Turning social media likes and shares into cash?
Are you able to navigate the minefield of Social Media Platforms? Getting the best out of each one? Promoting your brand? Engaging successfully with potential customers? Seeing a positive R.O.I?
If your answer to any of those questions was anything less than positive -you need to improve your social media intelligence. Or face the risk of being swamped by the wave - as opposed to riding it.
Because succeeding with Social Media, is not "hope marketing."Not just posting and "hoping" for results. Of course, it all starts with great content. But content alone is not enough.
You must know when to post. And on which platforms. There is no "one size fits all" Social Media Marketing Strategy.
In his many previous books,Social Media Consultant Maximus Pierce guided you through the Social Media Minefield. Giving you an unfair advantage to advance the recognition, and hopefully, the ROI of your brand.
Now, in this book he dives even deeper, sharing the tips and techniques you must know to become a successful Social Animal.]]>



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Published 16 April 2019
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