Wealth Mastery: 7 Pillars of the Chelsea Money Coach: Pillar 4: Time


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Wealth Mastery: 7 Pillars of The Chelsea Money Coach: Pillar 4: Time:
A Blueprint System For 'Time Wealth' and Living a Life of Joy
In this book, you will be given practical exercises to work through, and golden nuggets of time mastery to contemplate. The purpose is to help you shift psychologically into a Master of Abundance and live in your Vision.To succeed you will need to consistently work through these exercises to enable this book to deliver for you and to help you to achieve the transformational results you deserve. I want this to be a fun and inspirational experience and a real eye-opener, as the mystery of your Time Travelling is revealed, moment by moment! I am here to hold your hand every step of the way through these exercises with my experienced narrative. To enhance your experience and the power of these teachings I strongly recommend you joining one of my international MONEY MASTERY CLUBS and finding an Action Partner to do your exercises with…accountability and group support from like-minded people really helps. Just do it!I recommend reading the entire book in one sitting at first, before going back and reading it again and again, pausing to work the exercises. You’ll learn something new each time.I wish you joy, happiness, peace of mind and financial success!Pillar 4: The Time TravellerYou are probably having ideas of going too far off past and future centuries in a Time Machine! Not quite. This Pillar will show you how to become Time Rich and unlock your joy and live your Vision."A man who dares to waste one hour of time has not discovered the value of life." Charles DarwinWhether you are the mother of young children having to multi-task, a worker amongst workers or an executive running your companies, this Pillar is for everyone."Boldness has Genius"]]>



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Published 02 May 2020
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