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It's a new kind of money. But you can't see it or touch it. That's because it's invisible. It also changes in value hourly. And that value is determined not by a government, or a precious metal, but by what its advocates say it's worth. And the bottom line is - this new money can't even buy you a stick of gum! Would you like to buy some? The sad truth is that millions of people, hoping to make millions, have bought into this "new money." The poster boy of cryptocurrency - Bitcoin. Or more properly - "Bitcon." In this no-holds-barred book, investigative journalist Atherton Cooper, author of Crippled by Cryptocurrency and The Crypto Con, drills down even deeper into the nebulous world of the "cryptoverse", exposing the potent cocktail of dishonesty, manipulation, and greed that fuels the Bitcon.



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Published 25 February 2018
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