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Six Short Folktales


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Folktales share a common feature of being told over and over, with numerous variations, according to the tellers of such tales. Usually such tales convey lessons of morality and virtue, among other things. In this sense, some persons may feel somewhat obliged to include human factors into their belief systems as well as in their behaviors
Thus, in that sense, the impact of such stories may become integral parts of social interaction between and among individuals, small or large groups and, even extended families. In addition, such stories often relate to the bonds found among certain human aggregations, as they relate to fundamental commitments to obedience, honor, responsibility, orderliness, mystery and humor.
The stories arc also offered as attempts to “pass on” to younger generations of language arts students, some literary thoughts that “have come down” from elders, who may not have fully recorded then; nor may have presented them in straight, declarative English. Nonetheless, although they may not have been similarly told, their presentation in the present format enables them to be just as important and enjoyable. Tellers, speakers, readers and writers of such stories may do likewise.
Clement B.G. London, Ed.D.



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Published 28 February 2009
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