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Slick Glickman, Unlikely Hero


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It’s 1997 in Glickville, Texas, and twelve-year-old Charles Glickman is looking forward to his seventh-grade year: leaving the confines of the restrictive elementary school and experiencing the freedom that comes with middle school. When Charles walks into school the first day, he doesn’t know that this will be one wild year.

Charles deals with the typical middle school issues like adjusting to a strict principal, more demanding teachers, a beautiful “Greek goddess,” and a smarter younger sister. But during this seventh-grade year he also faces some nasty school bullies, an evil woman out to harm him, a life-threatening illness, and a scheme to blackmail his father. He earns a new nickname and the respect of his peers...

Filled with adventure, drama, humor, and the human element that makes life special, Slick Glickman, Unlikely Hero will inspire middle school children who are experiencing difficulty coping with the changes in their bodies, minds, and social development. The story will also be of interest to adults as it will remind them of their middle school years, their children’s, and even their grandchildren’s middle school experiences.

This unlikely hero found the inner strength to turn negative experiences into positive outcomes. Young readers will learn the importance of developing the proper values and work ethic in middle school that stays with them for the rest of their lives.



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Published 21 December 2010
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