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Art is a very particular human activity, because it aims to address our different senses , our emotions or even our intellect . As we have many senses, that we can feel different emotions or that we can think differently, there are different arts . The free or paid e-book site therefore offers us a wide choice of publications on different art forms.

Art, music and cinema: cultivate your passions

When we think of art, we think mainly of painting , sculpture or even drawing . However, today there are ten arts which are:

  1. The architecture

  2. the sculpture

  3. The visual arts (painting and drawing)

  4. the music

  5. The literature (including poetry)

  6. The performing arts (theater, mime, dance, etc.)

  7. the cinema

  8. The radio, photo and television

  9. The comic strip

  10. It is not defined and, according to some, it is video games, others digital art or even culinary art, model making, calligraphy, etc.

In this theme, you can find many documents on most of these subjects except on comics and literature . So you can easily cultivate your passions of the different arts by discovering and downloading documents on a very specific subject.

Discover the world of creation and art

Curious, do you want to find out about major artistic trends ? Consult the numerous publications on subjects as diverse as art history, architecture and design. In the form of practical sheets, educational resources or any other form of document, you will find on our site dedicated to art full of targeted information.

In order to broaden your knowledge of art, take advantage of suitable tools, such as film presentations, analyzes of works and photography catalogs. As rich in information as it is fun, these publications contain the secrets of the major arts.

Music lovers will also find something to satisfy their ears on YouScribe, because we offer in this theme, a wide selection of online music scores with many musical styles. Film buffs, like photo and other art enthusiasts, will always have access to many books.