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A major element of cultural heritage, music tells the story of civilizations. Besides, it should not be forgotten that music is considered an art and even as the fourth of them . Making emotions pass by simple sounds, silences and rhythms, music is undoubtedly the most popular and most important art, because who does not listen to music?

So if you need to complete your musical culture , better understand the different musical genres , discover the instruments or better know the great composers and musicians, the thousands of musical books in ePub format (free or paid) from YouScribe are made for you.

Complete or perfect your musical culture

Schoolchildren, students, music professionals or avid neophytes will find lots of information to enrich their knowledge with our books on music and its history . Our files include biographies of the big names in classical music, jazz, rock, French and international song.
Discover the great musical trends , from baroque music to the birth of jazz and urban music, passing by romantic music or folk music. To do this, simply download our ebooks, documents (studies, essays, files, etc.) and specialized journals on the musical art .

Learn and play music

Musicians amateurs or professionals , students , apprentice singers , assiduous karaoke , beginners or simply curious , download a few clicks all the documents necessary for your passion. Among these there are of course the musical scores to print for different instruments like the accordion or the piano, but also tablatures for guitars or even books to learn to play an instrument or to sing.

In addition to focusing on instruments, our technical files include lyrics, scores and tablatures for the different musical genres: pop, folk, rock, jazz and variety standards. Classic enthusiasts can access the booklets operas or operettas, with scores of great symphonies ... the movie fans and the 7 th art, but also play video will find their happiness on our platform with different scores or tablatures famous themes cinema or video game music.

This theme is a complete musical encyclopedia to complete the learning of an instrument and your culture.

Music on stage

The best musical encounter remains the encounter with the stage and the live. Stay informed of major musical events of the moment or to come. YouScribe offers you all the useful documents on festivals and concerts, music and dance evenings, from programming to press kit.

A nod to advertising and television: learn about the history of the most famous jingles, and the credits of programs that marked their era. Even if it may not be as prestigious as classical music, it is still an important part of our musical culture , so take the opportunity to read our different ebooks on music .

The Notation Is Not the Music - Barthold Kuijken
85 Pages
English Book Jean-Michel Jarre - Michael Duguay, Nicolas Kern
English Book Jean-Michel Jarre
Michael Duguay, Nicolas Kern
236 Pages
Menahem Pressler - William Brown
Menahem Pressler
William Brown
221 Pages
The Creative Spark - Michael Shapiro
The Creative Spark
Michael Shapiro
215 Pages
Clavichord for Beginners - Joan Benson
97 Pages
6 Pieces - A Score for Solo Piano Op.51 (1882) - Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky
42 Pages
Unheard Of -
406 Pages
Theology of Wagner’s Ring Cycle II - Richard H. Bell
255 Pages
Theology of Wagner’s Ring Cycle I - Richard H. Bell
257 Pages
Blue Notes - Robert P. Vande Kappelle
Blue Notes
Robert P. Vande Kappelle
398 Pages
"Cadmus and Hermione" and "Perseus" - Frank J. Morlock, Philippe Quinault
"Cadmus and Hermione" and "Perseus"
Frank J. Morlock, Philippe Quinault
94 Pages
History of Vocal Pedagogy - Joseph Talia
653 Pages
Vocal Science for Elite Singers - Joseph Talia
349 Pages
David Baker - Monika Herzig
David Baker
Monika Herzig
418 Pages