The Writings and Letters of Konrad Wolff

The Writings and Letters of Konrad Wolff

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<P>"[Wolff] is a remarkable pianist, an excellent theoretician, a learned teacher, a brilliant thinker and writer." —Artur Schnabel</P><P>"This collection of [Wolff’s] writings and letters should bear ample testimony to a musician who happily combined the artist, the teacher, the musicologist, and the charm and integrity of a human being." —Alfred Brendel</P><P>"Konrad Wolff writes about music with the verve and enthusiasm of a great teacher who has never lost his sense of music as an adventure. To read him is to enter into a lively dialogue with a superior musical mind and a buoyant spirit." —Richard Goode</P><P>This collection provides elegant and thorough portraits of an important 20th-century performer and lover of music, as well as of his greatest influences.</P>
<P>Contents (as printed in first-edition book from Greenwood Press)<BR>Prologue, Leon Fleisher<BR>Foreword, Russell Sherman<BR>Preface<BR>Acknowledgements<BR>Biographical Sketch<BR>Part I: Composers<BR>Frescobaldi (1583-1643)<BR>Bach (1685-1750)<BR> His Last Work<BR> Spirit, Style, and Forms<BR>Bach-Reger<BR> Brandenburg Concertos for Piano Duet<BR>Mozart (1756-1791)<BR> Quintet in D Major, K. 593<BR>Beethoven (1770-1827)<BR> Several Perspectives<BR> Mostly Beethoven<BR> On Beethoven's Trills<BR> Bagatelles, Op. 119<BR> The Ninth Symphony, Op. 125<BR>Schubert (1797-1828)<BR> Schubert's Reaction to Beethoven<BR> Schubert's "L'istesso Tempo"<BR> Schubert's String Quintet in C: A Misplaced Repeat Sign?<BR>Schumann (1810-1856)<BR> On Titles and Verbal Descriptions in Music<BR>Liszt (1811-1886)<BR> Beethovenian Dissonances in Liszt's Piano Works<BR> Liszt's Approach to Piano Technique<BR>Stravinsky<BR> A Modern Faust<BR>Part II: Letters<BR>From:<BR> Paul Badura-Skoda; Review of Interpretation on the Piano - What We can Learn from Schnabel<BR> Alfred Brendel<BR> Paul Henry Lang<BR> Rudof Serkin<BR>To:<BR> Leon Fleisher<BR> Artur Schnabel<BR>To and From:<BR> A Colleague<BR> Sviatoslav Richter<BR>Part III: Miscellany<BR>Christmas Music<BR>Music Appreciation<BR>Authenticity<BR>The Beginnings of Cyclic Form<BR> Bach's Dedication to King Frederick<BR>August Halm<BR>Observations<BR> On Teaching<BR> On Music an Musicians<BR>A Lesson in Writing<BR>Johann Christian Bach (1735-1782): Siciliano in F-Sharp Minor<BR>Part IV: The Brendel-Wolff "Debate"<BR>The "Debate"<BR>Addendum by Alfred Brendel<BR>Notes<BR>Selected Bibliography<BR>Index<BR>A photographic essay follows</P>



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