Secrets of Backyard Bird Photography

Secrets of Backyard Bird Photography


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Photographing birds in your backyard is a convenient, rewarding, and addictive adventure. Secrets of Backyard Bird Photography is a guide to that pursuit. In this book, author and wildlife photographer J. Chris Hansen teaches techniques for creating professional-quality images of the subjects right in your yard.

This book covers all aspects of backyard bird photography, including the best camera equipment to use and the basics of attracting birds using bird feeders, perches, backgrounds, and photo blinds. You'll learn about the common camera settings and composition styles used to create outstanding backyard bird images.

This book also offers ideas and examples of ways to exhibit your photography, including step-by-step instructions for a variety of fun, easy projects for the do-it-yourselfer. Secrets of Backyard Bird Photography contains a collection of beautiful, detailed images that illustrate the important aspects of creating stunning photographs of the birds right in your backyard.



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Secrets of Backyard Bird Photography
J. Chris Hansen is a wildlife and natUre photographer who
lives and works in the redwoods of Northern California. His images have been pUblished in nUmeroUs oUtdoor magazines, inclUdingMule Deer andCalifornia Hunter.He has a passion for bird photography and can often be foUnd photographing in his backyard.
Secrets ofBackyard Bird Photography
J. Chris Hansen
J. Chris Hansen (
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To my parents, John and Betty Hansen, for raising me with a love for the outdoors and all of God’s creation.
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Table of CoNteNts
INtroductioNChapter 1The Best CaMera aNd EquipMeNtChapter 2The Basics of AttractiNG BirdsChapter 3A Few Tricks of the TradeChapter 4The Use of BliNds
Chapter 5How to Capture the Best Bird IMaGes
Chapter 6PhotoGraphiNG HuMMiNGbirds
Chapter 7BeyoNd the Backyard
Chapter 8ShowiNG Your Bird PhotoGraphyChapter 9DIY Projects Peter Pan Feeder  A Changeable Perch Feeder  Small Water FeatUre: Bird Baths  The Knothole Feeder  BUilding a Window Blind  GroUnd Pod for Shooting from a Windowsill  BUilding a Large Water FeatUre  BUilding a Chair Blind  A Permanent Blind  A Shooting Shelf for a Permanent Blind Resources aNd SuppliersRecipes for SuetCoNclusioN
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