Beyond Contempt
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Beyond Contempt


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149 Pages

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How liberals can talk and listen to Trump supporters without blowing a fuse

  • Author is a former human rights lawyer, community activist and certified non-violent communication trainer
  • A communication manual for liberals who want to create meaningful conversations with Republicans and other with differing views
  • Liberal distain for Trump supporters inflames their resentment, entrenches their loyalty to Trump and enhances Trump's populist appeal
  • This book shows how to use Powerful Non-Defensive Communication™ to engage in respectful dialogue to defuse hostility, build trust and open hearts and minds
  • Vilification of the other, superior, antagonizing behaviour, self-righteous and condescending behaviour simply makes matters worse.
  • Find out how to communicate respectfully and effectively across the great divide
  • Contains dozens of examples of questions you can ask and position statements you can make on hot button issues such as abortion, immigration, terrorism, climate change, racism and sexual misconduct
  • Empowers the reader to express passionately held beliefs in ways that inspire open-minded consideration rather than defensive rejection
  • Similar to The Opposite of Hate by Sally Kohn and I'm Right and You're an Idiot by James Hoggan however this book includes specific advice on how to communicate across lines of difference

Resistance organizers, get out the vote organizers and trainers, liberals and progressives with conservative family and friends, democratic party candidates

These tools will translate easily into Canadians speaking with Americans and, with election of Doug Ford and upcoming Federal election candidates, will be applicable to Canadian politics as well.

How liberals can talk with, and listen to, Trump supporters without blowing a fuse   

Liberal and progressive frustration, grief, and alarm over Trump's destructive political agenda and behavior have prompted mounting disdain for Trump supporters and other conservatives. This reaction is contributing to political polarization and unwittingly serving to strengthen Trump’s hand as he sows divisiveness and hatred. In Beyond Contempt, Erica Etelson shows us how to communicate respectfully, passionately, and effectively across the political divide without soft-pedaling our beliefs. Using Powerful Non-Defensive Communication skill sets, we can express ourselves in ways that inspire open-minded consideration instead of triggering defensive reaction. Providing detailed instruction and dozens of examples of how to discuss hot button topics,Beyond Contempt is a must-have guide to productive dialogue that can defuse hostility, build trust, and open hearts and minds in unexpected ways.  

About the Author
Erica Etelson is a writer, community activist, and certified Powerful Non-Defensive Communication facilitator. A former human rights attorney, she has advocated in support of welfare recipients, prisoners, indigenous peoples, immigrants, and environmental activists. She has also organized for clean, community-owned energy as part of a just transition to a local, low-carbon economy. Following the 2016 election, Etelson became active in the resistance movement and in left-right dialogue initiatives. Her articles have appeared in the San Francisco ChronicleSan Jose Mercury News, Progressive PopulistTruthout and Alternet. She lives with her husband and son in Berkeley, California.


1. Contempt and Its Discontents
2. Class-Based Contempt — Red with Shame
3. Why Not Everyone Is a Liberal
4. Curiosity — The Antidote to Contempt
5. Speaking Your Peace
6. Putting It All Together

Conclusion: To Bridge or to Break
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Published 10 December 2019
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