The Happiness Policy Handbook
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The Happiness Policy Handbook


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153 Pages

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Build a better society through happiness policy

  • Authors are leaders in their field,
    • Musikanski is the Executive Director of the Happiness Alliance,
    • Rhonda Phillips is Dean of Purdue Honors College
    • Jean Crowder is a consultant and former federal politician
    • Phillips and Rhonda are directors of the Happiness Alliance, a nonprofit that provides tools, resources and knowledge to policy makers and communities
  • This "happy trio" of authors are all extremely accomplished women with extensive experience at the national and international level of policy development and renowned academics
  • This book is an integral part of the Happiness Alliance Project
  • Over 270 years ago, Thomas Jefferson said, "The purpose of government is to enable the people of a nation to live in safety and happiness" - this book is a guide that shows government and institutions how to do this
  • Provides step-by-step action plans for integrating happiness into organizations
  • Contains practical action plans and implementation strategies
  • Tools can be adopted and adapted alongside existing policies
  • Explains the process of change
  • Provides guidance for policy makers seeking ways to utilize happiness information

Written in two sections

  • First section is an orientation to the history of happiness in public policy
    • Includes menu of happiness policies and model laws and projects
    • Key implementable lessons, practical tips, terminology, how to overcome obstacles and a set of criteria for deciding when it would be wise to implement a happiness policy
  • Second section is comprised of action plans
    • Includes model proclamation used by city councils, mayors and legislatures
      • community engagement forums
      • practical advice for social media
      • how to convene a happiness council
      • how to measure happiness including a scientifically valid happiness measurement instrument used by governments worldwide
      • how to use data
      • how to sample populations
      • happiness policy screening tool modeled after the Government of Bhutan's Gross National Happiness Policy

Regional interest:
Seattle (WA), Santa Fe (NM), Vermont, Ann Arbour (MI), Eau Claire (WI), Warrensbury (MO), Nevada City (CA), Santa Monica (CA)

Creston District, Valleyview AB, Edmonton, Province of AB, Waterloo, Victoria

  • Jean Crowder is former member of parliament for Nanaimo
  • B.C. Federation of BC Municipalities, Federation of Community of Municipalities, Vancouver Island Coastal MUnicipalities - all regions have annual conferences.
  • Regional Interest — BC, University of Victoria, Simon Fraser University, Creston District, City of Victoria Alberta — University of Alberta, Valleyview, Edmonton, Province of Alberta Ontario — University of Waterloo

Policy makers, high level government officials, community organizers, community activists, professors and students of social and well-being policy, economics, psychology and other related disciplines


  • Can be used to assist global policy makers to take a leadership role bringing a focus on happiness
  • Incheon and Seoul - South Korea, Siena - Italy, Madrid and Pamplona - Spain
  • There is an increasing global interest in happiness policy
  • All three authors have worked and are well known at international level of happiness policy and development
  • The Happiness Alliance has developed a happiness measurement tool that is used by local and national governments world wide
  • Laura Musikanski was an invited participant at the 2012 United Nations High-Level Meeting Well-being and Happiness meeting, the 2017 and 2018 Dialogue for Happiness and the 5 th and 6 th OECD World Forums Statistics, Knowledge and Policy meetings
  • Rhonda Phillips is a three time Fullbright Scholar recipient and studied in Panama for 2 years and Ulster Ireland for one year
  • Jean Crowder as a federal member of parliament for the New Democratic Party in Canada for 11 years until her retirement from politics.
  • They will be promoting the book through on-line workshops
  • Prominent endorsers include: Ban Ki-Moon, Princess Laurentian of the Netherlands, Karma Ura First National Happiness Minister of Bhutan

Planet Happiness Locations:
Ironbridge UK; Hoi An, Viet Nam; Luang Prabang, Laos; Sagarmatha, Nepal; Turkey; Egypt; Bahamas; Cali, Columbia, Kuwait

Build a better society through happiness policy

Thomas Jefferson said that “the purpose of government is to enable the people of a nation to live in safety and happiness.” Yet only now, 270 years later, is the happiness of citizens starting to be taken seriously as the purpose of government.

While happiness science is advancing rapidly, and governments and organizations are creating indices for measuring happiness, there is little practical information on how to create policy to advance happiness.

Drawing from a deep well of expertise and experience, The Happiness Policy Handbook is the first step-by-step guide for integrating happiness into government policy at all levels. Coverage includes:

  • A concise background on happiness science, indices and indicators, and happiness in public policy
  • Tools for formulating happiness policy and integrating happiness into administrative functions
  • A concept menu of happiness policies
  • Communicating happiness policy objectives to media and engaging with the community
  • A happiness policy screening tool for evaluating the happiness contribution of any policy
  • Policy perspectives from seasoned experts across sectors.

The Happiness Policy Handbook is the essential resource for policymakers and professionals working to integrate happiness and well-being into governmental processes and institutions.

Authors' Welcome

       The Origins of the Happiness Policy Handbook
       A Roadmap to the Handbook

Section 1: The Landscape of the Happiness Movement
1. Brief History of the Happiness Movement
       An Evolution of Sustainable Development: The Happiness Movement
       A Few Words about Terminology

2. What Happiness Policy Is and Why It Matters
       Happiness Policy Makes Economic Sense
       Easterlin Paradox
       Income Inequality
       Mental Health Care
       Purchasing Habits

3. The Happiness–Sustainability Connection
       Climate Change
       The Local–Global Connection: Community Solutions to Sustainable Development
       Connecting Sustainable Development to Happiness Through Indicators

4. Connections between Positive Psychology and the Happiness Movement
       The Positive Psychology Movement
       Happiness Determinants
       Workplace Happiness

5. Moving Forward
       Overcoming Impediments, Choosing Pathways
       Connecting to Community
       Criteria for Taking Action
       Concluding Remarks on the Happiness Movement

Section 2: Happiness Action Plans for Policymakers
6. Action Plan: Happiness Proclamations
       Example Proclamations
       Working with the Media

7. Action Plan: Happiness Roles and Responsibilities
       Integrating Happiness Roles and Responsibilities
       Appointing Happiness Roles and Responsibilities

8. Action Plan: Community Engagement
       Engaging Through Social Media
       Convening a Happiness Council
       Global Councils
       Local Councils
       Community Forums
       Online Portals
       Town Hall Meetings
       World Café Style Meetings

9. Action Plan: Measuring Happiness
       Subjective and Objective Indicators
       How to Use Happiness Data in Brief
       How Happiness Is Measured Using Surveys
       How to Measure Happiness
       The Happiness Index

10. Action Plan: A Tool for Policy: The Happiness Policy Screening Tool
       Origin of Happiness Policy Screening Tool
       Instructions for Using the Happiness Policy Screening Tool
       Happiness Policy Screening Tool Scenario

Section 3: Appendices
A. Concept Menu of Happiness Policies
B. Happiness Lessons for the Workplace
C. Strategy Resources
D. The Happiness Proclamation
E. Model Press Releases for a Happiness Proclamation and for Announcing the Use of the Happiness Index
F. Model Happiness Minister or Officer Job Description
G. Social Media Guide
H. Questions and Answers for Happiness Survey Takers
I. The Happiness Index Questions
J. The Happiness Policy Screening Tool

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