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Transnational Crimes in the Americas


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A study of the importance of working within public, international organizations to combat transnational crime.

‘Transnational Crimes in the Americas’ addresses contemporary issues with respect to public institutions that are stakeholders in the fight against globalization of crime. Regional public organizations, with a primary focus on the Americas, constitute a framework for understanding the need for an institutional response within the Western Hemisphere. While other authors have addressed the growth of organized crime, no one has explained institutional developments in the struggle against transnational crimes.

'Transnational Crimes in the Americas’ highlights existing organizations, emphasizing a regional response to transnational crimes, suggestions for a permanent criminal court in the Americas and an appraisal of the current state of institutional developments in the region.

1. Formation of an Institutional Response to Combat Transnational Crimes; 2. Regional Organizations in the Americas; 3. Transnational Crimes in the Americas: Regional and Sub-regional Responses; 4. Combating Transnational Crimes in the Americas; 5. Cooperating against Transnational Crimes: A Framework for Sustainable, Alternative Development in the Americas; 6. Strengthening the Inter-American System: Establishing an Enforcement Response to Transnational Crimes; 7. Support for a Regional Response to Transnational Crimes; 8. Conclusion; Appendix A; Appendix B; Appendix C; Acronyms and Abbreviations; Bibliography; Index.



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Published 30 October 2018
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