Challenges and Issues facing the Education System in South Africa
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Challenges and Issues facing the Education System in South Africa


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The quality of education is pivotal for the production of human capital and this cannot be compromised by failing to refocus on the quality of education offered in schools. The inputs in the system such as trained and motivated teachers, buildings and classrooms including sanitation, clean water, instructional material such as textbooks, as well as strong leadership with vision to steer the winds of change are important in providing the desired outcomes. The chapters in this volume are broadly divided into three subsections as follows: learner related issues, (farm and rural schools, poverty and schooling, school violence, and students rights); teacher related issues,(teacher morale and motivation, teachers for all schools, management needs of school principals); and administrative/policy related issues (inclusive education, and school community relations). The social demand for better schools, effective principals, qualified and committed teachers and better opportunities for all place a huge challenge to provinces and the state to protect the rights of all citizens. This volume sets out the challenges facing the education system in South Africa, such as poor school infrastructure, poor learning conditions, and a lack of learning materials and provides recommendations on how some of these can be overcome.



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Challenges and Issues facing the Education System in South Africa Edited by Marekwa Wilfred Legotlo
Challenges and Issues facing the Education System in South Africa
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Table of Contents
About the Editor
List of contributors
CHAPTER 1 Orientation Marekwa Wilfred Legotlo
1.1 ïntroductîon 1.2 Background to schooîng probems în South Arîca 1.3 Chaenges acîng the schoo system în South Arîca 1.3.1 Resource îssues 1.3.2 Staf reated îssues 1.3.3 Learner îssues 1.4 Overvîew o chapters 1.4.1 Learner reated îssues, poverty and schooîng 1.4.2 Educator reated îssues 1.4.3 Poîcy împementatîon 1.4.4 Prîncîpashîp 1.5 Summary NOTES
CHAPTER 2 Rural Schools in South Africa: issues and challenges Monde Ndandani
2.1 Background 2.2 South Arîcan rura schoos and theîr socîo-economîc envîronment 2.3 Geographîca ocatîon o rura vîages and theîr expectatîons on schoos that serve them 2.4 Envîronment and earnîng 2.5 Pre-schooîng wîthîn the context and content o an eary earnîng resource unît (eru) 2.6 The îmmedîate surroundîngs o rura schoos: the other sîde o the schoo ence
1 2 7 7 7 7 8 8 10 11 12 13 14
15 16
17 18
2.6.1 ïnsîde schoo premîses 2.7 The reaîtîes o rura schoos în South Arîca Natîona Nutrîtîon Programme (NSNP) and ‘quîntîe 1’ schoos Resource targetîng îst Vîsîts to Moootso 1 and Khunwana vîage hîgh schoos în the North-West Provînce TABLE OF CONTENTS Products o rura schoos and theîr rura homes: engagements to retaîn pockets o rura popuatîon în theîr home communîtîes Sustenance matters în schoo educatîon 2.8 Concusîon and recommendatîon Coaboratîve mappîng o the road to brîngîng South Arîcan rura schoos to the centre o educatîona dîscourse and dîaogue NOTES
CHAPTER 3 Farm Schools in South Africa: issues and challenges Kenalemang Benjamin Molokoe and Monde Ndandani
3.1 ïntroductîon 3.2 Background on arm schoos 3.3 Typîca arm schoos Kgoteea and Reîtshokîe as typîca arm schoos Vîsît to Reîtshokîe combîned and Kgoteea prîmary schoos în Stea area, North-West Provînce: 3.4 Mega arm schoo Hîstorîca background and urther detaîs on mega arm schoos în South Arîca: the case o North West Provîncîa Department o Educatîon 3.5 Chaenges acîng mega arm schoos 3.6 Concusîon and recommendatîons NOTES
CHAPTER 4 Schooling and poverty in South Africa Monde Ndandani
4.1 4.2 4.3 4.4 4.5 4.6
23 24 28 30
34 36 39
39 42
43 43 46 46
46 51
52 54 60 62
Conceptua ramework 66 Some o ît starts here 67 Poor communîtîes and theîr ‘no-ee’ schoos 69 Accepted practîces regardîng poverty and schooîng în South Arîca 70 Acceptance and adaptatîon to a îe o poverty 73 Dyadîc correates: poverty and îîteracy 75
4.7 Chîdren o the poor and theîr career aspîratîons 78 4.8 ïncorporatîng skîs acquîsîtîon/earnîng rom the rura envîronment: currîcuum consîderatîons or rura schoos 79 4.9 Concerns about the chîdren o the poor and theîr schooîng 84 4.10 Maxîms on poverty’s împact on the educatîon o chîdren o the poor 85 NOTES 86
CHAPTER 5 Learner rights and challenges in public schools Almon Shumba
5.1 Background 5.2 Poîcîes protectîng earners rom sexua harassment and sexua vîoence în schoos 5.3 The Arîcan Charter on Human and Peope’s Rîghts 5.4 The rîght o earners to have rîghts în schoos 5.5 South Arîcan documents deaîng wîth earner rîghts 5.6 Types o earner rîghts în South Arîcan schoos 5.7 Method 5.8 Dîscussîon and împîcatîons o the indîngs 5.9 Concusîon 5.10 Recommendatîons NOTES
CHAPTER 6 School violence in South Africa Maliabeng Historina Behle and Hlengiwe Sehlapelo
6.1 6.2
6.3 6.4
6.5 6.6 6.7
90 91 92 93 93 94 95 97 98 98
ïntroductîon: Genera perspectîves on schoo vîoence 101 Probem statement and conceptua îssues 103 6.2.1 Probem statement 103 6.2.2 Conceptua îssues 103 Genera aîm and objectîves 104 Key questîons and methodoogîca consîderatîons 105 Key research questîons 105 Methodoogîca consîderatîons 105 Conductîng conceptua studîes 105 Ratîonae or the study 106 Revîew o the UN chîdren’s rîghts context and schoo vîoence 106 Revîew o the Arîcan context o earners’ rîghts and schoo vîoence 108 Revîew o South Arîcan earners’ rîghts context and schoo vîoence 110
The constîtutîona protectîon o earners’ rîghts în South Arîca The new educatîon poîcy context The egîsatîve and reguatory ramework Construct deinîtîon rom the Arîcan îterature perspectîve 6.8 Conceptua anaysîs 6.8.1 Types o schoo vîoence TABLE OF CONTENTS 6.8.2 Causes and consequences o schoo vîoence 6.9 Goba preventîve strategîes 6.10 Preventîve strategîes în South Arîca 6.11 Concudîng remarks NOTES
CHAPTER 7 Educator motivation and morale in South Africa Regis Chireshe and Alfred Makura
110 111 112 113 113 113 115 116 118 120 121
7.1 ïntroductîon 125 7.2 ïssues, chaenges and concerns 126 7.3 Ratîonae or the study 127 7.4 Preîmînary îterature study 128 7.4.1 Motîvatîon theory 128 7.4.2 ïnstînct theory 129 7.4.3 Need theory 130 7.4.4 Drîve theory 131 7.4.5 Cognîtîve theory o motîvatîon 131 7.5 Leve and determînants o educator motîvatîon and morae 132 7.6 ïmpact o educator motîvatîon and morae 134 7.7 Empîrîca study on educator motîvatîon and morae în South Arîca 136 Research desîgn 136 Sampe 136 ïnstrumentatîon 136 Data coectîon procedure 137 Data Anaysîs 137 Resuts 137 7.8 Dîscussîon 139 7.9 Concusîon and recommendatîons 141 NOTES 143
CHAPTER 8 All educators for all schools: a case study of teaching practice by student-educators at Mafikeng Campus of North-West University Monde Ndandani
8.1 ïntroductîon 8.2 Background to the study 8.3 Theoretîca ramework 8.4 Seectîon o partîcîpants 8.5 Research desîgn and methodoogy 8.6 Data coectîon methods 8.7 Fîndîngs and dîscussîon Student-educators’ questîonnaîre Staf în the Facuty o Educatîon Anaysîs 8.8 Concusîon NOTES
CHAPTER 9 Challenges in the implementation of inclusive education Ellen Kakhuta Materechera
149 150 154 156 156 157 158 158 160 161 163 164
9.1 ïntroductîon 167 9.2 Background 168 9.2.1 Conceptîons o dîsabîîty (and barrîers to earnîng) 169 The medîca mode o dîsabîîty 169 The socîa mode o dîsabîîty 169 9.3 Goba perspectîve 170 9.3.1 ïncusîve educatîon as perceîved and practîsed în dîferent countrîes: deveoped versus deveopîng countrîes 172 A comparîson o încusîve educatîon practîces în two deveoped countrîes (US and UK) and two deveopîng countrîes (ïndîa and Maawî) 172 Chaenges o încusîve educatîon în deveopîng countrîes 174 Ghana 174 Zîmbabwe 174 Lesotho 175 Namîbîa 175 Botswana 176 9.4 The South Arîcan context 176 9.5 Probem statement 179
9.6 The study Sub-questîons: 9.6.1 Context and partîcîpants 9.6.2 Data coectîon 9.6.3 Data anaysîs 9.7 Resuts and dîscussîon TABLE OF CONTENTS 9.7.1 Lack o traînîng Assumptîons about overa beneits o traînîng Efects a ack o traînîng has on educators’ attîtudes, eeîngs and emotîons 9.7.2 Workoad 9.7.3 Large casses and overcrowdîng 9.7.4 Lack o tîme 9.7.5 Lack o resources 9.7.6 Resîstance to change and negatîve attîtudes 9.7.7 ïssues o poverty 9.8 Concusîons and recommendatîons Concusîons Recommendatîons Recommendatîons conirmîng prevîous înternatîona and natîona studîes Recommendatîons reatîng to the more detaîed indîngs NOTES
CHAPTER 10 Communities’ contribution to school success or failure Ratau John Monobe and Nnior Machomi Morake
10.1 ïntroductîon 10.2 What îs a communîty? 10.3 Conceptuaîsîng communîty învovement and communîty engagement 10.4 Communîty partnershîp în schoo success 10.5 Concentrated versus dîfused stakehoder învovement What îs concentrated stakehoder învovement? What îs dîfused stakehoder învovement? t 3FMBUJWF BEWBOUBHF t $PNQBUJCJMJUZ t $PNQMFYJUZ t 0CTFSWBCJMJUZ
179 179 179 181 181 181 182 182
185 186 187 187 189 189 189 190 190 190
191 191 192
197 198
198 199 200 200 201    
t 5SJBMBCJMJUZ t 3JTL GBDUPS 10.6 Expaînîng împementatîon o success and aîure 10.7 Chaenges acîng communîty învovement în schoo matters 10.8 Best practîces regardîng meanîngu communîty învovement în schoo success 10.9 Lessons earned about communîty în schoo success or aîure 10.10 Recommendatîons to poîcymakers and împementers 10.11 Concusîon NOTES
CHAPTER 11 Management development needs for school principals Isaac Ramoloko Mathibe and Marekwa Wilfred Legotlo
  202 204
207 208 209 210 210
11.1 Background 213 11.2 ïntroductîon 214 11.3 Lîterature study 216 ïssues and chaenges acîng schoo prîncîpas 217 ïnstructîona eadershîp 219 11.4 Proessîona deveopment o schoo prîncîpas 220 Forms o proessîona deveopment 223 Traînîng 224 On-sîte earnîng programmes 225 Networks 226 Proessîona deveopment schoos 226 11.5 Programmes or the proessîona deveopment o prîncîpas 227 Proessîona deveopment o schoo prîncîpas în the Unîted Kîngdom 227 11.6 Proessîona deveopment o schoo prîncîpas în South Arîca 229 From eectîons to whîte paper 2 231 Report o the task team on educatîon management deveopment 232 Educatîon whîte paper 3 o 1997 232 Educatîon management and eadershîp deveopment drat o 2004 232 The South Arîcan natîona proessîona quaîicatîon or prîncîpashîp, 2004 233 The South Arîcan standard or prîncîpashîp, 2005 233 11.7 Research methodoogy 234 11.8 Fîndîngs and dîscussîon 235 Programmes or management deveopment or schoo prîncîpas shoud be we-tested 235