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Disraeli and the Art of Victorian Politics


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A comprehensive review of the political career of Benjamin Disraeli within the context of Victorian politics.

This book is a comprehensive review of the political career of Benjamin Disraeli, providing a thorough critical analysis of one of the most ambitious and controversial leaders in British history. ‘Disraeli and the Art of Victorian Politics’ is a major addition to our understanding of the dynamics of nineteenth-century politics.

Timeline; Introduction; Disraeli's Political Career, 1804-1846; The Politics of Opposition, 1846-1866; The 1867 Reform Act; Disraeli's Political Ideology; Opposition Again, 1868-1874; Prime Minister, 1874-1880: Domestic Policy; Prime Minister: Foreign and Imperial Policy; Disraeli and the Art of Politics; Notes; Bibliography; Index



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To Jean, Chandrika, Lawrence, and the memory of my father, Roy.
Timeline Introduction I. Disraeli’s Political Career, 1804–1846 II. The Politics of Opposition, 1846–1866 III. The 1867 Reform Act IV. Disraeli’s Political Ideology V. Opposition Again, 1868–1874 VI. Prime Minister, 1874–1880: Domestic Policy VII. Prime Minister: Foreign and Imperial Policy VIII. Disraeli and the Art of Politics Notes Bibliography Index
ix xi 1 35 73 97 131 143 165 209 223 233 237
1804 1817 1819 1821 1825 1826
1827–30 1830–31 1832 1835
1837 1839 1841 1842–45 1844 1845 1845–46 1846 1847–49 1847 1848 1852
1854–56 1858–59
1859 1861 1864 1865
Benjamin Disraeli enters this earth Disraeli converts from Judaism to Christianity Leaves Higham Hall school Commences training as a solicitor Failed share speculations leave him in debt Failure ofRepresentativenewspaper Publishes first novel,Vivian Grey Disraeli depressed Tours the Middle East Reform Act. Disraeli enters politics, professing radicalism PublishesVindication of the English Constitutionin defence of House of Lords Elected to parliament Marries Mary Anne Peel forms Conservative government. No place for Disraeli Disraeli works with Young England colleagues PublishesConningsby PublishesSybil Corn Law crisis. Disraeli attacks Peel Corn Laws repealed. Fall of Peel. Break up of Conservative party Disraeli emerges as deputy Conservative leader to Lord Derby PublishesTancred Takes up residence at Hughenden Manor Conservative government. Disraeli Chancellor of Exchequer and Leader of Commons. Government resigns on defeat of budget Crimean War. Palmerston ascendant Conservative government. Disraeli Chancellor and Leader of Commons Government resigns on failure of Reform Bill Death of Prince Albert Disraeli’s ‘Ape or Angel’ speech at Oxford Death of Palmerston
1866–68 1867
1873 1874 1875
Liberal Reform Bill brought forward by Russell and Gladstone. (June) Defeat of Liberal Bill. Government resigns (July) Hyde Park proreform riots Conservative government Conservatives pass the Second Reform Act, introducing household suffrage in boroughs (February) Retirement of Derby. Disraeli becomes Prime Minister. (November) Gladstone’s Liberals win election Disraeli publishesLothair John Gorst placed in charge of Conservative Central Office Manchester (April) and Crystal Palace (June) speeches (December) Death of Disraeli’s wife Disraeli declines Victoria’s invitation to form a government Conservatives win general election. Disraeli Prime Minister The year of social reform legislation (July) Uprising against Turkish rule in BosniaHerzegovina (November) British government purchases 44 per cent stake in Suez Canal company (May) Disraeli refuses to sign the Berlin Memorandum on Turkish reform (May) Turkish massacre of Bulgarian Christians (August) Disraeli becomes Earl Beaconsfield (September) Gladstone’s pamphlet on ‘Bulgarian atrocities’ (January) Victoria declared Empress of India (April) Transvaal annexed to British South Africa (April) Russia declares war on Turkey (March) Russia forces Treaty of San Stefano on defeated Turks (March) Britain begins preparations for war. Derby resigns as Foreign Secretary (June–July) Disraeli attends Congress of Berlin. Achieves ‘peace with honour’ (November) British force enters Afghanistan (January) British South Africa declares war on Zulus (January) Zulus destroy British force at Ishandhlwana (September) British mission to Afghanistan massacred (March) General election defeat for Conservatives. Disraeli publishesEndymion (March) Last speech to House of Lords (April) Disraeli departs this earth