Everyone Wins - 3rd Edition
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Everyone Wins - 3rd Edition


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108 Pages

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Over 25,000 copies sold — promote optimal well-being and social justice through 170+ games and activities for all ages

  • New edition of best-selling games book for all ages
  • Previous editions have sold over 25,000 copies
  • Includes over 170 award winning and proven games
  • New games included
  • Easy to use, quick reference guide-pack it along on the go
  • Indexed according to age level, group size, activity level, and location
  • Activities aim to resolve conflict, enhance communication, build social skills, increase self-esteem
  • Josette and Ba Luvmour have been working in the field of Holistic Education and Human Development for over 40 years.
  • The authors have led hundreds of parenting workshops, established the field of experiential learning programs for whole families, and given lectures and talks around the world.
  • They have published six books together
  • First published more than twenty-nine years ago these games, activities, and initiatives have had great value in evaluating interpersonal dynamics, teaching social justice, and assessing developmental capacities
  • Everyone Wins was the recipient of a Parent's Choice Award
  • Authors host and produce the popular podcast series, Meetings with Remarkable Educators
  • Their writing has been published in a variety of publications including Paths of Learning, Journal of Adult Development, and Mothering Magazine
  • The new edition includes 45% new content
  • The games in Everyone Wins are compatible with montessori, waldorf, homeschooling and holistic schools programs
  • Age range, preschool to middle grade.

Intended audience:
Everyone Wins has become a trusted resources for teachers, camp counselors, family coaches, youth group leaders, child psychologists and family therapists

Over 25,000 copies sold — promote optimal well-being and social justice through 170+ games and activities for all ages

At this critical point of human evolution, we want our children to have the ability to resolve conflict, communicate positively, build social skills, and increase self-esteem so that they may actualize their potential and live in well-being.

The highly sought-after 3rd edition of the best-selling, Parent Choice Award-winning book Everyone Wins: Cooperative Games and Activities for All Ages features over 170 well-designed cooperative games and activities. Developmentally appropriate and indexed according to age level, group size, activity level, and location, Everyone Wins offers great value through evaluating interpersonal dynamics, teaching social justice, and assessing development capacities.

By popular request, new features include:

  • Information on development and learning in children and youth
  • New and updated games and activities
  • An overview of Natural Learning Relationships for whole-child development

Everyone Wins is an easy to use, quick reference guide for everyone who cares for and about children, education, and the actualization of social well-being in a diverse range of environments.

Introduction to the First Edition
Preface to the Third Edition
How to Use This Book

Activity Level One
Elbow Tag
Chase in the Ocean
Smaug's Jewels
Dho – Dho – Dho
On Your Knees
Emotional Relay Race
Hop As One
Blanket Volleyball
Upside Down Cycling
Dragon Dodge Ball
How Do You Do?
Up and Around
Blow the Ball
Go Tag
Cooperative Relay Races
True or False
Big Toe
Pull Together
Toby Terrific Turtle
Catch the Dragon's Tail
Hug Tag
Obstacle Course
Creative Monkey Bars
Couples Sports

Activity Level Two
Between You and Me
Upset Fruit Basket
I've Been Tagged
Group Weave
Nature Designs
Come Together
Hawk and Mouse
Amigos All
Don't Use Your Teeth
Up and Over
Standing Together
Beam Walk
Walking Together
Base Ball Pass
Moving Ladder
Snake in the Grass
Log Pass
Shape Tag
Cooperative Juggle
One Big Slug
Cooperative Musical Chairs
Popcorn Balls
See Saw
Rope Raising
Rolling Along
Dolphin and Fish
All of Us, All at Once
Blind Trail
Dances of the Mind

Activity Level Three
Group Poem
The Signs Are Everywhere
What Does This Mean?
Where Were You?
Rhythm Sticks
Still Photograph
Stiff As a Board
Down the Tube
Down the Hole
Hello, But I'm Gone
Use That Rope
Alternate Leaning
Hold Me Up
How Many Are Standing?
Feeling Sculpture
Strike the Pose
Find Your Animal Mate
Gyrating Reptile
Nature Acting
Animal Acting
Tied Together
Blind Walks
Face to Face
In and Out
Rhythm Learning
Use That Body
Move Softly
No-Hands Ball Pass
Blanket Toss
Strange Positions
Wooden Children
Shoe Mates
Rocks in a Creek
Ocean Friends
Hold That Floor
Slow Motion Tag
A Chance to Be Nice
Whose Shoe?
Inuit Ball Pass
Don't Let Go
Children's Carapace
Jump Jump Jump
All Paint
Probably Wet
Handle With Care
Marble Tracking
Path Finder
Sounds and Colors
Tree Silhouettes
Hug a Tree
Unnature Trail

Activity Level Four
Social Justice Ideals
Plant a Pet Pickle
Are We Near You?
What Animal Am I?
Talking Without Words
Rhythm Pulse
Hit the Nail
Two Way Copy
In Between
Find Your Rock
Clothes Switch
I Am
Psychic Nonsense
Canyon Echo
Back to Back
Catch Me
Make Me Into You
A What?
Cast Your Vote
Subtle Pressure
Guess Our Shape
Body Ball
Direct Me
Getting Together
Where Is It?
Mime Rhyme
Human Puzzles
Chalkboard Drawing
Feel and Find Boxes

Activity Level Five
Culture Creation in a Box
Watch My Face
Try Not to Laugh
What Did I Do?
Where Did It Go?
Nature Web
Casual Conversation
Silent Drawing
Do You Know Me?
Silent Structures
Cooperative House Play
Lion, Fox, Deer, Dove
Prehistoric Communication
Cooperative Storytelling

Appendix A: Natural Learning Relationships Overview
Glossary of Terms
Books about Cooperative Games
    Games Group Size Index
    Games Age Level Index
About the Authors
A Note about the Publisher



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