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Essential educational tools, the school books offered by Youscribe have many advantages and will allow you to find diversified information around a multitude of subjects. So feel free to browse our textbooks online !

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To be sure you understand what you have learned in class or to enrich your knowledge in order to acquire valuable additional points for exams, textbooks are an essential educational tool . Generally containing courses, exercises and the references of other related works, consulting a manual makes it possible to supplement the lectures of the professors and to test yourself before the interrogations.

The downloadable educational books are suitable for all levels. Most will follow you throughout your schooling. A useful investment that quickly pays for itself!

School books E books: more practical and cheaper textbooks

Tired of carrying a bag full of heavy school books or don't want your kids to hurt their backs? Download all the books you need to learn the basics in just a few clicks. French, mathematics, history / geography or even learning languages . You will also find manuals dealing with university subjects, as well as many educational references.

These essential educational supports accompany you from your learning to the preparation of competitions and exams. Opt without delay for one of our school e-books , cheaper and more practical than traditional books. Indeed, with the online textbook , you will have the advantage of having all the content in a traditional textbook, but online. Say goodbye to extra pounds in your bag or satchel, online courses are now available to everyone!

Many references of manuals available

On Youscribe, we offer a large choice of school books , to allow you to review, learn more about certain subjects, promote your academic success or simply explore new themes, before choosing them as an option. .

From primary school to higher education, and whatever the field you want to study, you will find a wide range of essential textbooks, among all the references available.

Our advice: don't hesitate to ask your professor for a bibliography!

If you can't find the textbook you need, don't forget that Youscribe also offers courses such as a large choice of documents on exponential .

Leland & Fern Bolt - Leland Emet Bolt
Leland & Fern Bolt
Leland Emet Bolt
225 Pages
English - Lekongho Dictionary - Greg Fonsah, Sentemong Mehpah
English - Lekongho Dictionary
Greg Fonsah, Sentemong Mehpah
210 Pages
Chairing a Meeting - Kevin Paul
60 Pages
Writing Science Fiction & Fantasy - Crawford Kilian
125 Pages
Sell Your Nonfiction Book - Crawford Kilian
111 Pages
365 Tips for Newcomers - Nick Noorani
116 Pages
Wedding Bliss on a Budget - Ethan Baron
84 Pages
Writing for the Web - Crawford Kilian
Writing for the Web
Crawford Kilian
116 Pages
Reference Guide to Writing Across the Curriculum - Joseph Little, Charles Bazerman
184 Pages
Bug Eyes - All Bugged Out - Speedy Publishing
Bug Eyes - All Bugged Out
Speedy Publishing
51 Pages
Aromatherapy (Speedy Study Guides) - Speedy Publishing
6 Pages
Superfoods (Speedy Study Guides) - Speedy Publishing
6 Pages
Essential Oils (Speedy Study Guides) - Speedy Publishing
6 Pages
Spots & Stripes Animal Kingdom - Speedy Publishing
50 Pages
Disaster Preparedness - Keith Eckernwood
Disaster Preparedness
Keith Eckernwood
10 Pages