Pages and Leaflets of North Oxfordshire


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This family genealogy and history chronicles the story of the Page family and the changes in work and religion that the family experienced over three centuries living in England.
Every family has a story. And for Angela Fortnum, her maternal family story would begin eight generations before her and reach back to the turn of the eighteenth century in England—and it is a story that she will tell and continue today.
In Pages and Leaflets of North Oxfordshire, author Angela Fortnum shares a well-researched family history of her maternal grandfathers, offering a compelling window into the life and times of her ancestors. This history chronicles the Page family’s shift from agricultural and labourer life to self-employment and small holding, and it also lists the changes in the family’s religious beliefs over time. Angela includes as well a discussion of the richness and diversity of the church and chapel buildings that were linked in some way to her family, each of which tells a story of their own.
In the end, the story of the Page family lives on today, as Pages and Leaflets of North Oxfordshire stands as a legacy to Angela and her mother’s family and the great changes they experienced over the centuries.



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Published 21 September 2018
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