Leadership and Management: Case Studies in Training in Higher Education in Africa

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There has been a resurgence of interest in training programmes for higher education leaders and management (HELM) at African universities in recent times. Although there have been a few cases of evaluation studies of such programmes in Africa, a more systematic review of the lessons learnt through these programmes has not been done. This book aims to document and reflect on the learnings from intervention programmes at three African higher education councils. It is clear that university leaders face many leadership and management challenges. This is the starting point of the book.



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Published 06 August 2015
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LEADERSHIP& MANAGEMENT Case Studies in Training in Higher Education in Africa
Edited by Johann Mouton and Lauren Wildschut
Supported by Carnegie Corporation of New York
Published in 2015 by African Minds 4 Eccleston Place, Somerset West 7130, Cape Town, South Africa info@africanminds.org.za www.africanminds.org.za
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2015 Johann Mouton and Lauren Wildschut
ISBN 978-1-920677-89-3 First edition 978-1-920677-90-9 e-book 978-1-920677-91-6 e-Pub
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Abbreviations and acronyms Preface The authors Introduction: Origins of the project
Identifying the need
Trends in leadership and governance on the continent
Trends in university governance worldwide
Rationale and selection of grantees: Higher education national councils
PART ONE: ISSUES AND CHALLENGES Chapter 1: A review of the scholarship on HELM training in Africa 1.1 Introduction 1.2 State of higher education in Africa 1.3 Access and participation 1.4 Financing higher education in Africa 1.5 Leadership and management challenges of HE in Africa 1.6 Governance of HEIs in Africa 1.7 Academic freedom and university autonomy 1.8 Leadership behaviour and style in HEIs 1.9 Leadership and gender
1.10 Strategic planning in HEIs
1.11 Managing quality
1.12 Institutional transformation and reform
1.13 Employability of university graduates
1.14 Conclusion
Chapter 2: The context of HELM training in Africa 2.1 Background 2.2 Leadership and management courses: The early days 2.3 Leadership training programmes at the AAU: Senior University Management 2.4 LEDEV – leadership development workshops
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2.5 MADEV – management development workshops 2.6 Country-specific programmes 2.7 New initiatives 2.8 Concluding comments
PART TWO: COUNTRY CASE STUDIES Chapter 3: Tanzania 3.1 Introduction: Background 3.2 Needs assessment for HELM training in Tanzania 3.3 Identification and selection of target groups 3.4 Training model and mode of delivery 3.5 Identified areas for training 3.6 Uptake and impact of the TCU programme 3.7 Conclusions Chapter 4: Uganda 4.1 Introduction: Background 4.2 Needs assessment for HELM training in Uganda 4.3 Identification and selection of target groups 4.4 Identification of areas for training 4.5 Uptake and impact 4.6 Conclusions Chapter 5: Ghana 5.1 Overview of tertiary education system in Ghana 5.2 Needs assessment for HELM training in Ghana 5.3 Designing the Senior Academic Leadership Training (SALT) programme 5.4 Selection of modules and module writers 5.5 Training methodology 5.6 Uptake and impact 5.7 Conclusions
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PART THREE: MONITORING AND EVALUATION Chapter 6: An evaluation framework 6.1 Introduction 6.2 Evaluation focus 6.3 Evaluability assessment steps 6.4 Process evaluation 6.5 Summative evaluation 6.6 Conclusions and lessons learnt Chapter 7: Knowledge exchange 7.1 Introduction 7.2 Training uptake and use of knowledge 7.3 Are the HELM training programmes sustainable? 7.4 Conclusion
Appendix A: AAU Research Paper Series
Appendix B: Questionnaire for online survey
Appendix C: Sample training framework
Appendix D: Checklist for a cohesive training programme
Appendix E: Sample checklist for reviewing training materials
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Abbreviations and acronyms
AAU Association of African Universities ACBF African Capacity Building Foundation ACBI African Capacity Building Initiative ACE American Council on Education ACP-EU Development cooperation between the European Union (EU) and the countries of the  African, Caribbean and Pacific Group of States (ACP) ACU Association of Commonwealth Universities ADEA Association for the Development of Education in Africa AR Academic Registrar CHEMS Commonwealth Higher Education Management Service CHET Centre for Higher Education Transformation COL Commonwealth of Learning CREST Centre for Research on Evaluation, Science and Technology CTP Committee of Technikon Principals DAAD German Academic Exchange Service(Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst) DST-NRF Department of Science and Technology – National Research Foundation DVC Deputy Vice-Chancellor DVCAA Deputy Vice-Chancellor Academic Affairs DVCFA Deputy Vice-Chancellor Finance and Administration ERA Evaluation Research Agency ESA eastern, central and southern Africa ESAMI Eastern and Southern African Management Initiative GDP gross domestic product GER gross enrolment ratios GIJ Ghana Institute of Journalism GIMPA Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration HE higher education HEI higher education institutions HELA Higher Education and Libraries in Africa HELM Higher Education Leadership and Management HELP Higher Education and Leadership Programme HERANA Higher Education Research and Advocacy Network in Africa
Higher Education South Africa
Head of Department
Human Resources
Human Sciences Research Council
International Association of Universities
information and communications technology
Institute of Management Development (Botswana)
Islam University in Uganda
Kigali Institute of Science and Technology
Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology
knowledge, skills and attitudes
Leadership Development Programme
Leadership Development Programme
monitoring and evaluation
Management Development Programme
A b b r e v î a t î o n s a n d a c r o ny m s
Management Development and Productivity Institute (Ghana)
management information systems
Management and Leadership Programme
Ministry of Education
MP Members of Parliament NAB National Accreditation Board NABPTEX National Board for Professional and Technician Examinations (Ghana) NCHE National Commission for Higher Education (South Africa)  National Council for Higher Education (Uganda) NCTE National Council for Tertiary Education (Ghana) NGO non-governmental organisation NUC National Universities Commission (Nigeria) NUFFIC Netherlands Organisation for International Cooperation in Higher Education OECD Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development OUT Open University of Tanzania PHEI private higher education institutions PPDA public procurement and disposable assets QA quality assurance RUFORUM Regional Universities Forum for Capacity Building in Agriculture SADC Southern African Development Community SAHEL Saharan Africa Higher Education Leadership