Educational guidance is never very easy. Yes, the choice in terms of educational path is so important that you may get lost! This is why Youscribe.com will help you by offering you various documents that will help you with your orientation in third, post-bac or high school . You will also find advice on school reorientation .

Choose your orientation well after the 3rd

At the end of college, and therefore of the third, it is a new part of your teaching that you will discover. It is also and above all one of the first times when you will be able to choose another path. This is why orientation after the end of college is so important.

You will therefore have the choice between the general or technological path in a general high school, the latter will allow you to do a Bac S, ES, L, STL, STMG, etc. If you choose the professional branch, you can do a professional baccalaureate or a CFA . You will find in this thematic, different documents to help you make the right decision to know what you will do after the 3rd.

Which bac for which future?

In the second class, you will have to make a choice again. Either you want to continue in the general branch and pass an ES, L or S bac , or you want to move towards a more technological sector . Indeed, the different bins do not give access to the same studies or the same trades. If your level allows you to orient yourself towards the bac of your choice, it is advisable to think beforehand about your educational orientation which will necessarily determine your professional life.

With the general streams, you go to longer studies and each series leads to a more or less defined sector. For the ES series, you open several doors in the economic and social fields: management, finance, sales, law, real estate, marketing, etc. For the L series, it will be more education, communication, journalism, publishing, etc. With the S series, you focus primarily on the fields of science, medicine and engineering.

Technological fields prepare for a more specific field, with shorter studies (even if it is possible to do a Bac + 5 with a technological Bac). The STMG bac allows, for example, to move towards management, management, sales or even marketing. The STL bac makes it possible to go to the sciences (laboratory).

To help you, YouScribe provides you with many documents to find out the paths open to you after the bac, to find the educational orientation that suits you.

And after the baccalaureate ?

For many students, the bac is the Grail. However, this is often only the beginning of a second epic:  the post-bac orientation . What to do after high school ? How to choose your studies? YouScribe supports you in this decisive stage in your life.

Opportunities according to studies:

To choose your studies well, it is first of all necessary to find out about the opportunities of each sector, especially in times of economic crisis. Because what could be more disappointing than to invest in studies to have to move towards a completely different profession, for lack of free jobs on the market.

Our detailed documents can guide you in your choices. Political Sciences ? Law studies ? You will discover what it is possible to do afterwards and will thus be able to target the orientation which will allow you to get a first job easily.

To help you choose the right studies, we also advise you to look at our job descriptions. You can find in it all the information on the missions, the responsibilities of different trades.