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Describes mentoring of teachers and scholars in the field of composition and rhetoric.



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Published 01 October 2008
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ble & aillet StorieS of Mentoring StorieS of Mentoring t h e o r y& P r a x edited by i Michelle f. eble S Parlor lynée lewiS gaillet SS
L S  R  C Series Editors: Caterine Hobbs, Patricia Sullivan, Tomas Rickert, and Jennifer Bay
L S  R C Series Editors: Caterine Hobbs, Patricia Sullivan, Tomas Rickert, and Jennifer Bay
Te Lauer Series in Retoric and Compositiononors te contri-butions Janice Lauer Hutton as made to te emergence of Retoric and Composition as a disciplinary study. It publises scolarsip tat carries on Professor Lauer’s varied work in te istory of written reto-ric, disciplinarity in composition studies, contemporary pedagogical teory, and written literacy teory and researc.
Oter Books in te Series Writers Witout Borders: Writing and Teacing Writing in Troubled Times, Lynn Z. Bloom (2008) 1977: A Cultural Moment in Composition, by Brent Henze, Jack Selzer, and Wendy Sarer (2008) Te Promise and Perils of Writing Program Administration,edited by Teresa Enos and Sane Borrowman (2008) Untenured Faculty as Writing Program Administrators: Institutional Practices and Politics, edited by Debra Frank Dew and Alice Horning (2007) Networked Process: Dissolving Boundaries of Process and Post-Process, by Helen Foster (2007) Composing a Community: A History of Writing Across te Curriculum, edited by Susan H. McLeod and Margot Iris Soven (2006) Historical Studies of Writing Program Administration: Individuals, Communities, and te Formation of a Discipline,edited by Barbara L’Eplattenier and Lisa Mastrangelo (2004). Winner of te WPA Best Book Award for 2004-2005. Retorics, Poetics, and Cultures: Refiguring College Englis Studies (Expanded Edition) by James A. Berlin (2003)
Stories of Mentoring
heory and Praxis
Edited by Micelle F. Eble Lynée Lewis Gaillet
Parlor Press West Lafayette, Indiana
Parlor Press LLC, West Lafayette, Indiana 47906
© 2008 by Parlor Press All rigts reserved. Printed in te United States of America
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Stories of mentoring : teory and praxis / edited by Micelle F. Eble, Lynee Lewis Gaillet.  p. cm. -- (Lauer series in retoric and composition) Includes bibliograpical references and index. ISBN 978-1-60235-072-4 (pbk. : alk. paper) -- ISBN 978-1-60235-073-1 (ardcover : alk. paper) -- ISBN 978-1-60235-074-8 (adobe ebook) 1. Mentoring in education--United States. 2. Englis language--Retoric--Study and teacing--United States. 3. Englis language--Composition and exercises--Study and teacing--United States. I. Eble, Micelle F., 1974- II. Gaillet, Lynée Lewis. LB1731.4.S76 2008 378.1’25--dc22  2008033416
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Acknowledgments 1 Introduction Lynée Lewis Gaillet
vii 3
Part I: Definitions and Tributes 2 On Mentoring14 Winifred Bryan Horner 3 Educating Jane18 Jenn Fisman and Andrea Lunsford 4 Teir Stories of Mentoring: Multiple Perspectives on Mentoring33 Janice Lauer, Micele Comstock, Baotong Gu, William Hart-Davidson, Tomas Moriarty, Tim Peeples, Larissa Reuer, and Micael Zerbe 5 Mentorsip, Collegiality, and Friendsip: Making Our Mark as Professionals52 Ken Baake, Stepen A. Bernardt, Eva R. Brumberger, Katerine Durack, Bruce Farmer, Julie Dyke Ford, Tomas Hager, Robert Kramer, Lorelei Ortiz, and Carolyn Vickrey 6 Wendy Bisop’s Legacy: A Tradition of Mentoring, a Call to Collaboration67 Anna Leay, Stepanie Vanderslice, Kelli L. Custer, Jennifer Wells, Carol Ellis, Meredit Kate Brown, Dorinda Fox, and Amy Hodges Hamilton
Part II: Mentoring Relationsips 7 Mentoring Friendsips and te “Reweaving of Autority” Diana Ase and Elizabet Ervin 8 “Mentor, May I Moter?” Caterine Gabor, Stacia Dunn Neeley, and Carrie Sively Leverenz 9 Te Minutia of Mentorsips: Reflections about Professional Development Katerine S. Miles and Rebecca E. Burnett 10 Performing Professionalism: On Mentoring and Being Mentored Wendy Sarer, Jessica Enoc, and Ceryl Glenn 11 Mentoring across te Continents Susan E. Tomas and George L. Pullman 12 Cancing into Altruistic Mentoring Doug Downs and Dayna Goldstein
Part III: Mentoring in Undergraduate and Graduate Education 13 Graduate Student Writing Groups as Peer Mentoring Communities Lisa Caill, Susan Miller-Cocran, Veronica Pantoja, and Rocelle L. Rodrigo 14 Mentoring Undergraduates in te Researc Process: Perspectives from te Mentor and Mentees Angela Eaton, Linda Rotman, Jessica Smit, Robin Woody, Caterine Warren, Jerry Moore, Betsy Strosser, and Randi Spinks 15 Webs of Mentoring in Graduate Scool Jennifer Clary-Lemon and Duane Roen
Contents vii 16 Mentor or Magician: Reciprocities, Existing Ideologies, and Reflections of a Discipline193 Barbara Cole and Arabella Lyon 17 Transformative Mentoring: Tinking Critically about te Transition from Graduate Student to Faculty troug a Graduate-Level Teacing Experience Program207 Amy C. Kimme Hea and Susan N. Smit 18 A Mentoring Pedagogy222 C. Renée Love 19 Textual Mentors: Twenty-Five Years wit Te Writing Teacer’s Sourcebook229 Nancy A. Myers
Part IV: Mentoring in Writing Programs 20 A New Paradigm for WPA Mentoring? Te Case of New York University’s Expository Writing Program Alfred E. Guy, Jr. and Rita Malenczyk 21 Mentoring Toward Interdependency: “Keeping It Real” Krista Ratcliffe and Donna Decker Scuster 22 Te Reciprocal Nature of Successful Mentoring Relationsips: Canging te Academic Culture Joan Mullin and Paula Braun 23 Panopticism? Or Just Paying Attention? Cinda Coggins Moser and Mary Tracsel 24 Narrating Our Revision: A Mentoring Program’s Evolution Holly Ryan, David Reamer, and Teresa Enos
viii Contents 25 Making It Count: Mentoring as Cultural Currency301 Tanya R. Cocran and Bet Godbee 26 Reflections on Mentoring306 Micelle F. Eble Contributors313 Index329
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Potograp of Micelle F. Eble, Winifred Bryan Horner, and Lynée Lewis Gaillet by Wendy Sarer. Used by permission.