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Teacher of schools or teacher in secondary, take advantage of the richness of the teaching supports proposed by Youscribe. Thanks to these documents, you will be able to multiply your sources and optimize the preparation of your lessons.

Our educational resources for teaching can be viewed directly online or you can download them for free or for a fee. Thanks to them, you will be able to find a lot of information to prepare your lessons.

Better understand the pedagogy to adopt with your students

Starting to teach can be relatively stressful. What attitude to adopt with his students? How to talk to them? How to present your courses to capture their attention?

All these legitimate questions can be asked of young teachers , but also of others with more experience. If you do, you will find answers on our site, thanks to a rich content of resources and support for teachers . The latter present different pedagogical methods intended for teachers or professors or for other education professions.

Our various educational documents that will help you teach better are written by psychoanalysts, pedagogues, psychiatrists, sociologists ... You will therefore have quality writing that will help you progress in the way you teach and interact with your students.

Educational books to learn how to teach

Because teachers are often poorly trained - or poorly trained - on how to teach, our site offers various educational books , which will allow you to understand the teaching methods that have proven themselves.

Interest its audience, help them assimilate what you teach, build a relationship with their students based on respect and exchange ... You will discover all the basics and advice of the most renowned sociologists and educators among our different references available. A wealth of information to help you teach effective lessons!

So go ahead and browse our various documents in this educational support section for lessons .

Teachers: find educational resources to add to your lessons

A real documentary tool, Youscribe is widely used by teachers wishing to prepare or expand a course and increase their educational resources.
French, mathematics, history-geography, English or finance and marketing, all areas are covered and many detailed and structured courses are already ready for use. Of course, you will also find on Youscribe all the school programs by cycles and subjects ( click here ).

You can read their content online, download them, or just get a book on the subject. Youscribe is the ideal site to prepare well-structured lessons that will capture your audience.

In addition to the previously mentioned possibilities offered by our site, you will also find many other documents related to education above. Besides, you can also share your own documents directly on our sharing platform. So do not hesitate to put your courses online so that your students can have access to them or else a methodology on dissertations or dissertations to help your students.